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Vectronix Terrapin

Posted on May 25, 2014

Vectronix Terrapin on the firing line

This range finder is in another class from any others I have tried. The glass is very clear and easy to focus, the features are easily manipulated. With rest in-between beams it gives accurate and repeatable readings the first time every time. I use mine in conjunction with Primo’s Trigger Sticks as a mount mechanism.

It has definitely proven to be an asset in my long range shooting. The Terrapin is one of the few products that out-perform the advertised specifications. They advertise a 2400 Meter range, I have personally ranged objects out to 3000 yards (2743.2 Meters, well beyond advertised specs), where most of the others I have used would work out to the advertised specs, (but on a reflective target on a nice clear day) Nice to have a product that performs beyond the level of their marketing/advertised specs.


Ranging the truck at 2,000 yards.

I am anxious to put them to use in the mountains this fall, during hunting season. I have used Leica 1200s, Bushnell 1600s, and Leupold VX-1000. While they all were functional and on a clear day would serve their purpose (all of them out to about 600-800 yards on game on a clear day), I have had one or all of them fail me in the field when I needed them most. In the snow, on game, when you need a reading and you need it NOW! I will admit I have yet to use the Terrapin in these conditions, but it so far surpasses the others I have tested. I am confident that it will serve me well this fall during hunting conditions.

I have heard that it is nearing the end of its availability on the market. They may only be available for another 6-8 months, and so if you are interested in getting a great piece of gear at this price point and you have one available. I would not waiver as they may not be around much longer.


Optics Magnification 5x
Field of view 8° / 142mil
Laser Type 905nm
Range Capability 20m to > 2,400m
Accuracy (1σ) ±3m
Dimensions (l x w x h) 128 x 104 x 47mm
Weight (with battery) 500g

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