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Valkyrie Combat V34

Posted on August 17, 2013

Valkyrie CombatValkyrie Combat V34

I recently received my Glock 34 from Valkyrie Combat. Valkyrie Combat is a local Las Vegas Valley custom weapon shop that specializes in Glock pistols and other weapons. They are also the only certified Cerakote applicator and FFL holder in the Valley. I really like the fact they are a local company and have a physical location in Henderson, Nevada. When I went to pick up my pistol I was able to get a behind the scenes look at their operation and Greg Wohler, CEO of Valkyrie Combat walked me through the upgrades made to my gun. I enjoyed my time visiting with Greg and getting to see their techniques and equipment.

Greg comes from a law enforcement, security and training background. He also works closely with Progressive Force Concepts (a Las Vegas based training company) and other industry partners to develop the changes they made to the Glock pistol.  The modifications to the pistol are designed to enhance it for use under stress. The modifications are strictly function over form.

Valkyrie Combat V34

Valkyrie Combat V34

When I first saw the pistol I was happy with the Cerakote job and the way the colors turned out. I do my best to avoid black guns in the desert because even in the winter time they can get very hot. I have had many occasions where I ran up to check targets or load magazines and came back to a piping hot gun! During the summer it is exponentially worse. Using lighter colors like Field Dark Earth and tan helps cut back on the heat that is retained from the sun light. Valkyrie Combat has a large selection of colors and patterns that they can apply to your gun.


Once I picked up the pistol I instantly noticed the reduction in the girth of the grip and the texture of the stippling job. The texture looks pretty aggressive but does not have an overly abrasive feel. Between the grip reduction and texture they achieved a pistol grip that is easy to wrap your hands around and have a solid grip. I feel shooters with smaller hands will really like the grip reduction. If you normally shoot a single stack magazine pistol, the change in the grip will make the double stack Glock feel a lot better. If your hands happen to be wet or covered in sand the stippling will still allow a secure grip on the gun.

On the back strap of the grip they removed the “hump”. This has the same effect of changing the main spring housing on a 1911, to flat main spring housing. On my custom 1911 I use the flat main spring housing so this change is something I appreciate. The removal of the “hump” also makes the gun more comfortable to shoot. The force produced by the recoil of the pistol is distributed equally over the surface area of my hand. Some have mentioned the raised area on the back strap causes them some discomfort after a lot of shooting. I believe this is because the “hump” concentrates recoil energy to that portion of the hand.

Valkyrie Combat V34

V34 and G34

On the front of the grip they maintained the finger grooves for me. I just like the finger grooves, I feel it helps me index my grip on the pistol. This could just be in my head but I appreciate the fact they were more than happy to accommodate me.

Where the grip meets the trigger guard they increase the recess, or under cut. This allows you to grip higher on the pistol, closer to the center line of the barrel. This change aids in controlling the pistol during recoil. The 9mm in a full size pistol does not have excess recoil but for me every bit helps. On the trigger guard they removed the squared front and rounded it like a traditional 1911 trigger guard. This was done to discourage people from resting their support hand index finger on the exterior of the trigger guard.

At the bottom of the grip they cut out areas on both sides to aid in removing the magazine. This is helpful when dealing with a malfunction, especially if you have a round stuck partially in the magazine feed lips. The openings on either side allow you to get your fingers on the magazine and forcefully pull it out if needed.

On both sides of the take down pin area they added stippling. This is something they will do if requested by the customer. I like the stippling there because it adds texture to the area I index my finger on while handling the gun. On the magazine release area they did an arrow head cut to aid in depressing the magazine release. On my pistol this is not a critical upgrade because the G34 comes from the factory with an extended magazine release.


I decided to keep my trigger basic. My G34 already has a 3.5 lbs trigger connector and I really like its reliability. I have heard of others experiencing light strikes with aftermarket triggers. Some have also experienced brands of primers that do not work well with their gun. With today’s reloading component and ammunition availability you never know what you are going to be able to get, so a trigger that is not picky with primers was something I wanted to maintain. Valkyrie Combat did take the liberty to polish my stock parts which I have noticed made the trigger travel smoother and the trigger break cleaner.

Valkyrie Combat V34

V34 slide vs. G34 slide


The slide of the pistol features vertical cuts over the entire surface. The cuts continue with the theme of enhancing one’s ability to function the pistol under stress. The cuts increase the amount of surface area to grip and operate the slide. Greg demonstrated how it aids in allowing you to rack the slide one handed. He utilized his belt, pants, knees and everything that was within arm’s reach to charge the pistol. I think the vertical cuts give the pistol a unique look and stands out from the familiar appearance of a Glock. I also appreciate the extra gripping surface provided by the vertical cuts.

Valkyrie Combat magazines

Valkyrie Combat magazines


With my factory magazines, Valkyre Combat stippled and Cerakoted the base plates with the same pattern and colors used on the pistol grip and slide. This upgrade was also done to aid in the removal or insertion of the magazine into the pistol. On both sides of the magazine two sets of windows were cut into them so you can quickly see how many rounds you have. Someone one asked me the purpose of the window cuts. The easiest way I thought to answer the question was to reply; “the same purpose of the window on a PMag”. This upgrade isn’t for everyone and Greg mentioned to me that some people will likely express their reservations. This is something I wanted to try and if you decided to have your pistol worked on you can pass on the magazine windows.


The V34 is a great shooting pistol and I think they did a great job with the enhancements. While shooting today I ran Tulammo, factory loaded ammo, factory reloaded ammo and our team hand loads through the pistol. The gun chewed everything up without a single problem. I feel I have better control of the gun while shooting doubles or just firing rapidly in general. Between my 3.5 lbs connector and the job VC did polishing the trigger components the trigger feels great. They did an awesome job improving all the things I liked about my Glock 34. While taking pictures for the review my fiance and her friend were handling the pistol. They had some great insights and I appreciated the feed back. The girls liked that they could easily rack the slide, the increased surface area made it easier. They do not have the same upper body or arm strength and the improvements helped make up for that. They were also big fans of the stippling and reduced girth of the pistols grip. I look forward to doing more shooting with the pistol and using it in shoot local 3 gun matches. If you are on the range and want to check it out please don’t hesitate!

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