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US Optics SR-8s 1-8x27mm

Posted on January 19, 2013

US Optics SN-8s 1-8x27mm

US Optics website

Since our team has started participating in 3 gun competitions, my team mates have been doing research on different products. Similar to our experience with long range precision rifle shooting we have found that many options exist to cater to each individual’s preferences.

After shooting a few local 3 gun matches my team mate Dane, was looking to upgrade his fixed power 4x Trijicon ACOG sight. He wanted something that offered true 1x for close shots but also provided ample magnification for longer range shots. His AR-15 not only serves as his 3 gun competition carbine but also pulls double duty as a predator hunting rifle on excursions with Bill. He was looking for something that is tough, rugged and reliable.

During SHOT show 2012 we learned about a new scope US Optics was working on. The scope is the SR-8 1-8x27mm. We had a chance to see a prototype and learned about a few things they were working on before they began producing them. We were excited and very impressed because it offers a great deal of versatility in a small package.

CD MIL reticle

CD MIL reticle

The SR-8 has a wide range 8:1 magnification ratio. It begins at a true 1x and ends at 8x. The scope is first focal plane (FFP) which we have become fans of because of our experience with our competition precision rifle scopes. Dane selected the CD MIL reticle which is perfect for this optic. At higher magnification it is used like a traditional rifle scope. The subtensions are very helpful for holding windage and elevation. When you dial the magnification down toward 1x you will notice a ring comes into your sight picture. This makes it quick and easy to center the reticle on your target at close range. Dane also selected the blue digital illumination feature to light the center of the reticle and the outside ring.

US Optics SR-8s

Starboad side

Dane’s SR-8s has a 30mm main tube and is accompanied by 0.2 mrad elevation and windage US #1 knobs. The 30mm main tube makes the scope easily compatible with different brands of rings and mounts. The SR-8 has 100 MOA of total travel. The ocular end of the scope features a rapid focus eye piece allowing for fast adjustment of the reticle focus. The 27mm objective has a fixed parallax.

After mounting the scope to Dane’s AR-15 we noticed the eye relief was easy to pick up and the scope had a good field of view. It is easy to go from 1x to about 4x-5x with one twist of the wrist. A second twist is needed to go all the way to 8x. The CD MIL reticle is excellent at low and high magnification. The low profile US #1 knobs didn’t obstruct our peripheral view while shooting with both eyes open. We also like the protective screw on aluminum caps for both the elevation and windage knobs.

The SR-8 also has a dual focal plane option. With dual focal plane the optic has a red illuminated dot on the second focal plane allowing you use the scope like a red dot sight on any magnification. You can also select between the CD MIL reticle and C2 MIL reticle. Available reticle illumination colors are red, blue and green.


USO SN-8 @ 4x

The US Optics SR-8 is great for 3 gun and well suited for hunting. The same attributes that make it well equipped for carbine competitions also allow it to be a great hunting scope. The true 1x is great for those close snap shots in the dense woods and 8x magnification with FFP for the longer shots out in open country. The sleek design is great for both competition and the outdoors. Our team has enjoyed using the SR-8s on Dane’s carbine, and look forward to new features and products from US Optics.


Power- 1-8x
Objective- 27mm
Tube- 30mm
Reticle- CDMIL
Elevation- 0.2 mrad zeroing
Windage- 0.2 mrad zeroing
Illumination Push button, blue
Length- 12 inches
Weight- 1.5 lbs
Eye relief- 3.7 inches
Scope body- Hard anodized 6061 T-6 Aluminum
Field of view- 83.25 feet 1x/100 yards 10.75 feet 8x/100 yards
MSRP $1995.00-$2650.00

In this video I am running Dane’s AR-15. He is using a SR-8S and LaRue SPR-E mount.

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