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US Optics SN-3 5-25x58mm TPal

Posted on July 27, 2011
SN-3 T-Pal 5-25x58mm

US Optics SN-3 T-Pal 5-25x58mm

Our good friend and teammate Bill W. took delivery of his new brown anodized, US Optics SN-3 T-Pal a couple months ago.  We have been calling it “The Big T-Pal” because of its large, 58mm objective, and 34mm main tube.  The fit and finish is excellent, and we were really impressed by the quality and attention to detail.  All US Optics scopes come with their related documentation and instructions as well as the allen wrenches that you need to zero the optic.  The instructions include how to operate and maintain the scope as well as details on the lifetime warranty information.

Bill’s big SN-3 has a large magnification range 5x-25x. The scope is first focal plane and sports an RDP-MOA reticle. Having 25x at your disposal will ensure you have no problems seeing those long range targets and being able to dial down to 5x greatly increases your field of view when needed. The 5x-25x was designed for target engagements out to 2000 yards and beyond.

Bill selected the RDP-MOA reticle which I thought was an excellent choice. The RDP is a minute of angle based reticle so it matches his ¼ MOA EREK knob and ¼ MOA US #1 windage knob.  On the lowest power of 5x the reticle is still very usable, the reticle doesn’t get so small you can’t make out any of the subtensions.  On the highest power 25x the reticle doesn’t become so thick that it completely covers small long range targets because 4moa of the center crosshairs of the RDP-MOA reticle are very fine and provide a precise aiming point regardless of the magnification.  First focal plane keeps the reticle subtensions at a constant value so they do not change as your dial the magnification ring, which is the case with second focal plane scopes.



The 34mm main tube doesn’t help the scopes light gathering ability but does provide room to increase the amount of windage and elevation travel, light gathering is the job of the big 58mm objective lens.  To accommodate the larger main tube Bill selected the 34mm US Opticsrings, which are some of the beefiest rings I’ve seen. They are very well built rings and don’t require any lapping.  The scope and ring combo would be equally at home on Bill’s Barrett M99 .50 BMG as it is on his 6.5CM match rifle.

The T-Pal model has the side parallax adjustment as opposed to the ERGO model which has the parallax on the objective end of the scope.  The T-Pal and ERGO have their own set of pro’s and con’s which the shooter will have to consider when making his decision.  Bill selected the T-Pal for the same reason I did, we both felt it would be easier to adjust the parallax when needed from different shooting positions.

We did some shooting over the following weekend and decided to box test the USO along with some of the other scopes our team uses. Bill’s USO passed a box test with flying colors.  The clarity and resolution is excellent all the way through the magnification range and doesn’t have that “halo” effect I’ve noticed on some other first focal plane scopes. The edge to edge clarity is excellent and the sight picture is nice and bright.  We are all very impressed with the scope.

Bill’s scope is outfitted with US Optics’ new digital rheostat to control the illumination feature, located on the right side of the erector housing just behind the windage knob.  The scope also features the new internal anti cant device, which is a bubble level located inside the main body. The internal ACD feature puts the anti cant device in the bottom of your sight picture so that you don’t have to break your cheek weld to check an exterior mounted level to ensure that you are not canting the rifle one way or the other; Canting the cross hairs could be the difference between a hit and a miss at long range.

The US Optics SN-3 family of scopes has something to accommodate any of your shooting needs.  They offer magnification ranges from 1.8-10x, 3.2-17x, 3.8-22x all the way up to 5-25x.  The SN-3 line offers the well known EREK knob. The EREK knob is a huge selling point for me because you can move the erector when zeroing your rifle to ensure you have plenty of travel to dial elevation. You don’t have to worry about how much you’ll have left once your zeroed or having to add a 30-40 MOA base to engage extended range targets. You also have a variety of options, allowing for a myriad of configurations that you can specify when ordering your scope. The staff at US Optics is very accommodating and more than capable of answering all of your questions to help you configure a scope that will meet your specific needs and demands.


Beau J.

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