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US Optics SN-3 3.8-22x44mm ERGO

Posted on May 26, 2012
US Optics 3.8-22x44mm ERGO

US Optics 3.8-22x44mm ERGO

I had the luxury of shooting teammates 17x and 25x T-Pal’s over the last few months and that allowed me to find out what features I loved and what would be a better fit to my exact needs. When it came time to order my USO I decided on the 3.8-22x ERGO. I wanted more power than the 17x offered with the simplicity and durability of the ERGO design. The physical dimensions I kept smaller and streamlined with the 30mm main tube and 44mm objective thus allowing me to run low rings and still have clearance between the barrel.

Parallax is on the objective of the scope and adjusted by rotating the entire front end of the optic. This is said to be stronger than USO’s, already durable, TPAL series requiring fewer internal moving parts. It is also said to be clearer than the other lines of scopes since it requires fewer lenses due to the front parallax adjustment but to my untrained eye both the TPAL and ERGOs are both crystal clear. Whatever the reasons the USO ERGO has an impressive market share in the regional competitions.

USO Blue illumination

The ERGO has available all the accessories USO offers on their other optics covered in depth by JFComfort’s USO TPAL article (US Optics SN-3 3.2-17x44mm T-Pal) I chose the EREK knob in ¼ MOA and the matching CMG MOA reticle, their sleek internal anti cant device (ACD) and the ARD/sunshade. The only unconventional feature I chose was the reticle illumination which USO worked with a team of US Marine Corps Snipers to develop the improved blue illumination. Last week I was able to compare and shoot side by side rifles with red and blue illuminated reticle. I must say that im a big fan of the blue over the more traditional red. Both colors were bright enough to see the ACD bubble level at a pitch black night shoot but the red started to get a “halo” around the reticle at the brighter settings while the blue was much crisper.

Im very impressed with the finish and features on my new ERGO and look forward to competing with it in the coming year.


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