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US Optics Field Spotting Scope

Posted on June 3, 2011
Sin City Precision

US Optics Field Spotting Scope

Beau recently received his Field Spotting scope from US Optics!  The team has been anticipating its arrival and looking forward to heading out to the desert with it, so things worked out perfectly with the practice session planned for the weekend.  The clarity is excellent and aids in spotting bullet trace and bullet impacts on targets at distance.  While there may be more powerful spotting scopes out there, if you consider cost, weight and size I think the US Optics Field Spotting Scope is the best combination of all three.

The fit and finish is excellent, and is exactly what you would expect with any US Optics product.  Beau opted to have the scope done in a brown hard anodized finish instead of black, and also included a matching sunshade with ARD(Anti Reflective Device), and screw-in caps for the objective and ocular, as well as their soft-sided zip up case that has room to hold the spotter and a tripod, along with a grip-head and a rifle rest(or whatever other accessories you might like to throw in there.


Field Spotting Scope

US Optics Field Spotting Scope Package


This spotting scope is equipped with US Optics MD MOA reticle (minute of angle) located on the first focal plane.  Our team utilizes MOA/MOA rifle scopes so the MOA reticle in the Field Spotting Scope was a no brainer; Any spotter corrections are MOA just like our rifle scopes are and no one has to do any math to get the right numbers.  Just like a rifle scope a FFP (first focal plane) spotter is very useful, the reticle sub tensions never change as you adjust the magnification.  Range estimation is also more accurate with the spotting scope because of the increased magnification compared to a rifle scope.

The Field Spotter is compact for a spotting scope and is light and easy to stuff into your kit.  The parallax adjustment is found on the objective end of the scope and the magnification ring is located on the ocular end.  The parallax and magnification ring have a knurled texture that makes the surface very slip resistant and easy to manipulate.  The spotting scope has a very practical magnification range of 15x-40x, giving you a very wide field of view at 15x magnification to help with locating targets and at 40x magnification you can very accurately range estimate and spot corrections. The 60mm objective provides plenty of light gathering ability and the image is bright and clear with excellent resolution.  The US Optics spotter has a generous eye relief not often seen in other systems, and you don’t have to press your eye up against it to get a sight picture.  this makes it very easy to use with safety glasses and in awkward positions, as well as comfortable since you don’t have to be right on top of it.

I first had the opportunity to use a US Optics Field Spotter belonging to our friends Tim and Regina fromTeam USO AZ (AZLPRS) at the local Las Vegas precision rifle match.  They shoot MIL/MIL and had the spotting scope equipped accordingly with a GAP MIL reticle.  After using theirs I knew one would be a great addition to our team and I highly recommend one for your own long range precision shooting endeavors. We look forward to getting more time behind Beau’s US Optics Field Spotting Scope in competitions here in Las Vegas and Arizona.


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