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Update U.S. Optics

Posted on July 18, 2013

US Optics rifle scopes

US Optics


We wanted to inform shooters of ongoing changes at U.S. Optics. During our ER-25 review we mentioned changes to their product line including the new designations for their different model scopes, the discontinuation of the ERGO parallax adjustment and the discontinuation of the 35mm main tube.

In the past shooters had the choice between MRAD (milliradian), minute of angle (TMOA/True MOA) and inch per hundred yards (SMOA/Shooters MOA). Currently they offer MRAD reticles with 0.1 MRAD turrets and I.P.H.Y. reticles with 0.25” turrets. They are no longer offering true MOA reticles and turrets. The available I.P.H.Y. reticles are the RDP MOA, MD MOA and PC MOA. The MOA designation of the reticles represents SMOA also known as inch per hundred yards.

The difference between a true MOA (TMOA) and Shooters MOA (SMOA/I.P.H.Y.) is not huge but enough to cause a miss on longer shots. A true minute of angle represents 1.047” at 100 yards and a shooters minute of angle represents 1.0” at 100 yards, the difference

US Optics

MD MOA recticle

being 0.047” for every minute of angle.
The decision to drop true minute of angle components will allow U.S. Optics to streamline their production, cut down on the wait time for custom builds and keep models with popular options in stock with different distributors and retailers.

Some members of Sin City Precision are sad to see the true minute of angle leave the U.S. Optics product line. Debates on popular internet forums have gone back and forth as to which system is better. In my opinion it really doesn’t matter, what matters is the shooters personal preference. It makes sense to eliminate TMOA because SMOA does the same thing but is a measurement that is easier to scale and produce components with properly graduated increments i.e. turrets with 0.25” clicks vs. 0.26175” clicks. Some scope manufactures offer MOA reticles and turrets but they are often SMOA because that is easier to produce than TMOA.

Other manufactures like Nightforce and Vortex still offer scopes with MOA reticles and turrets but do you homework so you know if you are getting a TMOA scope or SMOA scope. Knowing the difference between the two can aid in connecting with long range targets.

US Optics

PC MOA reticle


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