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TRGRnometry: TriggerTech AR15 (FRT) Trigger

Posted on October 3, 2016


*Originally published September 26th, 2016 on


My first impression of the TriggerTech adjustable trigger for the AR15 is a positive one. After some dry firing and recent range time, I must admit I like it. I did noticed a little bit of travel before hitting the sear (technically the super short first stage) but once you’re at that point and apply the proper amount of pull, it breaks like a glass rod. The break is the same every time and the reset is nice and short. As advertised, this trigger does remind me of a 1911. 


It is a drop-in trigger and TriggerTech did a great job including detailed instructions. The installation was quick, easy and pretty straightforward, although I did manage to skip a step. After installing my trigger, the front pin would just about fall out of the lower receiver when there was spring tension on the hammer. As you can imagine, this was very frustrating. So I dug through my extra parts bin and found a CMC Triggers anti-walk pin. The rear pin was fine and stayed where it is supposed to. When I mentioned my dilemma to a friend familiar with TriggerTech, he pointed out that I forgot a step during the installation. Located on the rear of the trigger housing are two setscrews. After installing the trigger you are directed to turn the setscrews until it stops (don’t overdo it). This properly aligns the trigger and is supposed to alleviate the issue I experienced. I did go back and adjust the two set screws but went ahead and left the CMC anti-walk pin in the receiver. This was completely user error and thankfully it was pointed out to me and corrected.


Photo Credit: Brandon Scott/ @the_bearded_gunner

Since I’ve been more involved with AR rifles, I’ve noticed a huge selection of triggers to pick from. I have experience with the CMC flat 3.5 lb. trigger in my carbine and some of the various Geissele Automatics triggers. I really like the Geissele Hi-Speed National Match but found the price point to be a little hard to swallow. Prior to the TriggerTech, I used a Rock River Arms two stage National Match. While it is a good trigger for the money, I wasn’t crazy about it. What attracted me to the TriggerTech is that the trigger feels like a single stage (first stage is extremely short), it can be easily adjusted and break as low as 2 pounds of pull force. I installed the TriggerTech AR trigger in my Ballistic Advantage SPR. I have it set to its lowest setting which is supposed to be 2 lbs. I have yet to test the pull with a scale but will update this article after I have the opportunity to do that.


Photo Credit: Edward Shepard/ Freedom 7 Media

During my first outing, I was able to burn up about 60 rounds of Nexus Ammunition Match Grade .223 Remington while shooting 5 round groups at 100 yards. I did a short video to try and demonstrate what one can expect after installing a TriggerTech trigger.

After making sure the rifle was clear by visually checking the chamber, I pulled the first stage and let off the trigger. Then I pulled the first stage and then released the trigger. I held the trigger in the rear position and charged the rifle. If you listen carefully you can hear the reset as I let off, it’s very, very short! On the second pull, I took up the first stage, let off then released the trigger. On the third pull, I reset the trigger and release it from there. You might notice how short the first stage is and how short the trigger reset is. The trigger breaks very cleanly without any creep.


Another added benefit to the TriggerTech is their “frictionless” design. I’m not going to get into details pretending to know all about it because I don’t, but what has been relayed to me is the free floating roller in their Frictionless Release Technology (FTR) eliminates the dependency of surface quality between parts and sliding friction. I previously mentioned I was using the TriggerTech in my SPR, allowing the rifle to set the context for the type of shooting I’m doing (precision and long range). With that being said, I wish the AR trigger could adjust a tad lighter. I think I would be very happy with a 1.25 or 1.5 lb brake. I’ve talked to others using the trigger for 3-Gun and it was mentioned that they wish the reset had a more prominent feel. These minor criticisms can largely be individual preference and despite what subtle changes I would like to see, you may feel it’s perfect the way it is.


TriggerTech R700 trigger

Since I’ve been playing with the TriggerTech drop-in AR trigger, I also picked up their R700 trigger and will be installing it in my 6.5mm SAUM once Jason at DMR LLC is finished with my rifle. I’m looking forward to finding how the TriggerTech R700 compares to my Jewell Triggers HVR trigger. I also anticipate the release of another Trigger Tech R700 offering, which is rumored to be an adjustable trigger from 0.5-3 lbs.

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