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Summer Precision Rifle Matches

Posted on July 5, 2011
Summer matches

Summer Tactical Precision Matches

Summer has started here in Southern Nevada. The sun stays out late and the temperature has risen into the triple digits. The local Las Vegas match and AZPRCmatch take a two month break during the hottest months, July and August.  They pick up again in September so the team has started traveling deeper in to Arizona to keep our skills sharp. We are fortunate that the AZLRPRS match continues through the summer and the drive down to Phoenix, AZ isn’t bad.

We had a busy month this June and were able to shoot three different matches. We started with the local Las Vegas Tactical Precision Match at Desert Sportsman, which is held the first Saturday of the month. We had three shooters in the top ten with Dane taking 3rd, Joe ended up 5th, Beau took 9th, and Bill pulled in 19th. As usual Kurt Stone did a great job with the course of fire, he incorporated positional shooting, paper targets and the moving target! One great thing about the owner of LV Steel Targets putting on a match is all the new and varied style targets we get to shoot during the competition.

Once we finished up at the range, Dane and Joe headed home to rest and get some sleep before a 1 am departure time for Prescott. They left Vegas to drive down to Prescott, AZ for the AZPRC match which is held the first Sunday of the month.  The mountains of Prescott are beautiful and it was nice and cool during the morning. The match was a lot of fun and every stage presented unique challenges for the shooter. Being accustomed to alternative shooting positions is very helpful for this match. The target sizes are small and the wind is erratic in the valley. When it was all said and done Joe pulled off a first-round hit on the 1,000yd target(only two people have ever gotten a hit on that target!) and was able to sneak into 5th place with the top 4 positions being occupied by AZLRPRS shooters, while Dane finished in 12th. Ultimately, our good friend Regina Milkovich took the win and sent the guys packing. The AZPRCmatch is a lot of fun and we look forward to heading back down during the fall.

Last but not least was the AZLRPRS match at the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club. The match is held on the third Saturday of every month. We all got out of work early on Friday and met up to load the truck and head down there. Quarters were a little tight since we took Joe’s Toyota Tundra with access cab so the back seats aren’t the most spacious around. We filled the bed of the truck with our gear and the cab with shooters. We are very appreciative of Tim and Regina Milkovich’s hospitality. The trip was made much more pleasurable by staying with them and as always we enjoyed the evening of conversation, camaraderie and being able to get some shut eye before the match Saturday morning (instead of driving in the dark all morning and getting to the range just in time to shoot and then drive back home)! Competition in theAZLRPRS match is tough, however Joe was able to bring home a 1st place finish, with Bill in 10th, Dane in 13th, and Beau finishing 17th.  They are a very organized club with a large pool of talented and experienced competitors. The match is very well run and they have an outstanding facility! We really enjoyed this match and look forward to heading back down soon.

We are planning to shoot the AZLRPRS match through the summer and maybe take a trip down to Southern California to check out a match at the Pala Range as well. We are very lucky to have great matches to shoot throughout the “dog days of summer”!  We’re hoping that the monthly matches will keep our skills sharp and help us improve them so were poised to shoot TPRC and TBRC in 2012!

Sin City Precision would like to thank our sponsors:US Optics and Alpha Industries & Manufacturing.

US Optics has taken steps to equip us with outstanding rifle scopes and spotters that make all the difference when it comes time to rapidly locate, identify, and engage targets at distance that are obscured by dust or heavy mirage, as well as those that get beat up in competition use and blend in with their back drops.

Alpha Industries & Manufacturing has provided us with the ten round,  double-stack, single-feed magazines that keep our rifles fed and in the game.  It’s great to have magazines that work in all of our rifles, without any drilling, welding, or bending necessary to tune them to our loads and individual weapons.

~Joe C.

~Beau J.

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