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Storm Tactical Pocket Data Book

Posted on August 1, 2013

Storm Tactical Data Books

Storm Tactical has released a new product called the Pocket Data Book. The P.D.B. is a miniature version of Storm Tactical normal sized data book offerings. The book is 5”x4” and was specifically designed for tactical precision rifle competitions and “in the field” use by military snipers and law enforcement sharp shooters. The P.D.B. can be had with different options, including heavy duty white laser printed pages (the one I have) or the popular Rite in Rain paper. You also have the option to purchase a protective Cordura cover for the book. The Cordura data book cover is a great option because it allows you to zip the book closed to keep out dirt and debris.

Storm Tactical

Size comparison with 10 rd AICS magazine

The guys and I have been using Storm Tactical data books for a substantial amount of time now. I keep my full size book in my kit and during matches pull data from it before different stages. What the Pocket Data Book allows you to do is keep the information on you and record further information while you are on the firing line. I no longer have to transfer information from my main book to something smaller and more convenient. The P.D.B. easily fits in a cargo pocket or the back pocket of your pants. Recording information during a match is very useful because it allows you to record changes (correct your misses) and make the appropriate corrections next time you have a target at that range. This allows you to fine tune and dial in your D.O.P.E. so you can avoid making the same mistake and have the information for future use.

The pages of the Pocket Data Book include numerous D.O.P.E. cards which you can dedicate to different shooting conditions or shooting ranges. I like to dedicate a page for each of the different facilities I shoot at. I run ballistics for the conditions I’m in and after shooting will record that information on the appropriate page once it is confirmed. Over time I gather enough information to have solid D.O.P.E. for my rifle in various areas.

Mark Hartwell, owner of Storm Tactical works directly with America to provide much needed gear to our snipers and marksmen serving our country. Storm Tactical is also a supporter of different tactical precision rifle matches and various shooting teams. His products are widely used at home and abroad. The data books from Storm Tactical aid shooters with putting rounds on target.

Storm Tactical

Size comparison with my 6 ring data book

-Book features plastic front and back cover with Storm Tactical logo.

-Heavy flexible binding (can remove pages without ripping).

-Heavy laser printed white pages can be ripped out if needed.

-Both front and back of each page is utilized.

-Book Dimensions are 5”x4”x0.75”

Data Book Pages

-Cold Bore x11

Storm Tactical

Pocket Data Book packs easily

-Generic D.O.P.E (meters) for 7.62x51mm M118LR @2640 fps

-D.O.P.E. Cards (25 yard increments to 1000) x30

-Reticle Holds MRAD x10

-Diamond Target x10

-Diamond Call Target x10

-Circle Target x10

-IPSC Torso Target x10

-Special Target x10

-Round Count Pages x8

Storm Tactical

Generic M118LR information


-Range Estimation Formulas (yards)

-MRAD Relation Chart (yards)

-Note Pages x2

-Range Estimation Formulas (meters)

-MRAD Relation Chart (meters)

-Note Pages x2

-Angle Shooting Formula

-Angle Cosine Cheat Sheet

-Wind Value Clock System Page

-Note Pages x6

Guns & Gasoline

Visit Storm for free download to-scale targets, user manual and other Storm Tactical merchandise.

Storm Tactical Data Book Pages

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