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Sidewinder Industries

Posted on May 30, 2015


Review of Sidewinder Industries

By Tyler Frehner

Sin City Precision

If you are like me and shoot precision rifle matches, I am sure that you have tried a lot of different things in an attempt to have your elevation DOPE ready to go for stages. I believe that the new Sidewinder is the perfect solution for this problem and in this type of shooting.


But first lets back up a minute. What exactly am I talking about? In case you are unaware, DOPE stands for Data On Previous Engagement. Long-range shooters have to know how much gravity will affect their bullets projectile at different distances. For example, I know that at 500 yards, my 139 Lapua Scenar will drop 2.3 mil when fired out of my 6.5 Creedmoor at 2880 feet per second.

Under no time restraints this in it’s self is not a huge problem. Simply look up recorded data on previous shots fired or use a smart phone. When short times and many different distances are introduced, things tend to get a little bit more complicated. Most shooters will find out the distances in the stage and write it on something. Then while going though the course of fire, reference the notes they have taken. I have tried a lot of different things. I used to write it on the side of my rifle. Then I got a “wrist operator” that I would write my DOPE on. Finally, I just started writing the DOPE on masking tape and taping it on my left arm. The problem with all of these solutions is that it takes time to come off of your rifle to look at it.


So now comes the best solution I have seen. My friend Marcus Blanchard who is one of the nations top Precision Rifle shooters has introduced a very innovative solution in the Sidewinder. The Sidewinder sticks to your rifle in any location you chose with a piece of Velcro. It then has a bendable piece of rubber-coated wire that attaches to a frame that holds a business card. Because of the fact that it is bendable, it can be hit off anything and still stay attached. Also, due to the fact that you can put it anywhere you want, it can attach to your rifle so that you never have to come off of your rifle.


Now my methods are much simpler. I simply attend the stage brief with a notebook, write the distances with the elevation needed next to it. Then just rip it out of the page, fold in half and put it in the Sidewinder. I can now maintain cheek weld on my rifle, look at the DOPE on my next shot, dial my scope and never come off gun. I mounted mine just rearward of the front scope ring on the left side of my Desert Tactical SRS rifle. I like that location, because when I am putting my rifle in my back pack I can just bend the Sidewinder and hide it under the scope bell between the rings.

After a local shoot, and the 2015 Snipers Hide Cup (in which rain fell most of the weekend) I am still very impressed. It has saved me time on stages, kept my notes dry, and made me more organized. They can be purchased at for $30.

Thanks for reading, and shoot straight.




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