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Shot Show 2011 – US Optics

Posted on February 7, 2011
US Optics

Beau, Jason and Joe

We are very fortunate to have a long list of options when it comes to precision optical sights. This year at SHOT show 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada I had the opportunity to take a firsthand look. I visited many booths and spoke with a lot of reps from different companies. Out of all the booths I stopped by I was most impressed with U.S. Optics. It wasn’t just their products but also how well they treated people. U.S. Optics is very active in the shooting community and helps support many shooting events and charities.

I previously had the pleasure of meeting Arnold von Bargen, Jason Kyle and Jeff Fertal at the 2010 American Hero’s Challenge. I had a great time talking shop with them and learning about the U.S. Opticsproduct line. They even donated a rifle scope’s precision AR15 raffle to benefit the cause!

Entering SHOT show, I was really looking forward to stopping by the U.S. Optics booth. We had cruised by a few other optic companies before making our way toU.S. Optics, and the impression I got from them was not very good. It seemed as though if you weren’t a distributor or retailer, they were just going through the motions to entertain you and themselves. They all make a great product but it was a pretty stark contrast from our experience at the U.S. Optics booth. Right off the bat the guys remembered me and that blew me away.

U.S.O. is on the cutting edge of rifle scopes. They are the industry’s only custom scope maker, and they offer features available nowhere else. Many of their innovations are used by other rifle scope companies! This year I got to take a look at the new digital rheostat for the illumination function. The digital buttons take the place of the illumination turret switch. You adjust the intensity of the illumination with the up or down buttons and the settings are saved once you turn it off.  Next time you utilize the illumination function the intensity level will be right were you left it.

Another new innovation from U.S. Optics and my personal favorite is the internal, “in sight picture” anti-cant device. In the bottom of your sight picture is a bubble level and you can use the bottom stadia line of the reticle to make sure everything is nice and plum. I think many shooters underestimate the effects of reticle cant on long-range shots. The “in sight picture” anti-cant device is a very good way to identify cant and make the proper adjustments. If you already own a U.S. Optics rifle scope give them a ring and they can upgrade your existing scope to incorporate the new feature.

Being a custom scope builder they can put together whatever your heart desires. They offer reticles in MIL, MOA and Inch per hundred yards (IPHY). You can also have the scope turret adjustments configured to match your reticle sub tensions or any combination you prefer, like MOA/MIL. They have a large selection of elevation and windage knobs to pick from and you can even set up your windage knob on the left side of the scope if you prefer. My good friend Seth Robinson decided to set up his scope that way and prefers it over standard configurations.

One of the most recognizable features of a U.S. Optics scope is the EREK elevation knob. It is a very popular option and for good reason. It is very robust and easy to manipulate even when wearing gloves. The knob is also low profile and helps streamline the scope quite a bit. We were so impressed that we are working to join our fellow member Beau and make the switch to U.S. Optics rifle scopes. Bill has his scope build started, now Dane and I will be switching in the near future.

~Joe C.

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