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Short Action Precision shooting bags

Posted on June 7, 2015

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By Jorge Bonilla

Sin City Precision member

Many of us tend to carry extra bags when we shoot precision rifle matches. Mainly because we have different applications for each of those bags through the different stages of the competition. Well in my effort to reduce the amount of bags I take to a match, I began my quest to find a versatile bag. Not only did I want a bag that gave me rear support, but I wanted a bag that I can use for barricade support as well. That’s when I stumbled across the Short Action Precision Run n’ Gun and their new Lightweight shooting bags.


The Run n’ Gun bag is a versatile bag with a lightweight fill. It measures 7″ x 4.5″ x 3″ which is perfect for getting low to the ground and even tall enough to support your rifle when clearing low brush. All you have to do is turn the bag and select the height you need. Those options alone instantly eliminate the need for multiple bags with different dimensions. The Run n’ Gun bag weighs in at 6.5 oz and it features a rubber skin on one side to help grip the ground or barricade. It also has two straps with quick detach (QD) attachments. The first strap contains a QD buckle enabling the shooter to attach the bag around your barrel or scope. The second strap contains a QD swivel which can be attached to your rifle’s flush cups. Those features allow you to quickly transition in a match saving you time and preventing you from leaving your bag behind.


The Lightweight bag has the same dimensions as the Run n’ Gun bag but doesn’t have the same features. In an effort to reduce the weight to only 5 oz, Short Action Precision has eliminated the rubber skin and the extra strap that holds the QD buckle. The bag does have the strap containing the QD swivel attachment for flush cup attachment. The Lightweight bag is perfect for those wanting to keep their equipment weight down. In fact, this has been the bag that I’ve been using the most.

One thing to note is that the bags are pretty stiff right out the box. I had to work them (drop my weight on them) a bit to soften them up. I’ve also used these bags at the Arizona Tactical Precision Rifle Challenge (AZ TPRC), a few local Sin City Precision matches, as well as multiple practice sessions. They haven’t lost their form or gotten softer over time. They have been phenomenal when used on all types of barricades such as T-Posts, rooftops, barrels, and tank traps. I’ve yet to leave them behind on a stage since they can be attached to your rifle and removed quickly when needed.


The Run n’ Gun and Lightweight bags are both made with 1000 Denier Cordura which will stand up to heavy use. They both contain a lightweight fill and are available in different colors such as Multicam, Coyote, Olive Drab, and Black. I definitely recommend trying them out for yourself and you will quickly notice the quality and how versatile these bags can be in any application. The Run n’ Gun bag will cost you $60 and the Lightweight bag will cost you $45 and can be purchased directly at



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