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Sin City Precision

Car stage in Phoenix, AZ

About my shooting:

I am a third generation Southern Nevadan, and was raised by a second generation cattleman. My early days were pushing cattle across the desert on horse back with my dad. Guns were a part of our tool kit, and hunting was always on the agenda. Due to this the first 18 years of my life were mostly in the mountains and deserts of Nevada. During this time my addiction for shooting and the outdoors made my father limit me to 500 rounds of 22 LR and 10 gallons of gas per weekend.

My love for long guns just grew as I aged. Then I started shooting long range with my friend Aron and my brother in law Jimmy. We decided that we wanted to make the lofty goal of hitting a steel plate at 1000 yards and begun shooting long range. We were somewhat let down when we attained that goal very early, however we realized that smaller targets at different distances were fun too. This lead us to buy targets off of Kurt Stone who introduced us to the Las Vegas Precision matches. Man was I ever hooked after my very first competition. I have always hunted deer, antelope and elk. The first deer I shot was at the age of five (with my dads help of course). However, one thing that I disliked about hunting was that I usually only got to shoot my rifle one time. This lead me to coyote calling contests where if everything went well, I got to shoot my rifle around 10 times. In Kurt’s contests I got to shoot my rifle 50 or more times at different distances and man was I ever hooked!

Another thing that these matches brought into my life was good people. We were immediately drawn to Joe and Dane (Bill was on a 4 month hunting trip) as they had the same mentality as we do…… have fun, do your best, treat everyone as good as you can, and laugh until your stomach hurts. We all have been shooting, training, and traveling together since. I consider myself lucky to have friends of such high quality. I was truly honored when we were offered spots on the squad.


Tyler F.

Shooting the scrambler stage



Other things I’m proud of:

Husband of 10 years and counting.

Father of three.

13 years and counting of fire service with the Clark County Fire Department. Currently holding the rank of Fire Captain.

Multiple desert racing and motocross wins from my last 25 year addiction.

Eagle Scout. Don’t laugh, that crap was hard to do.



Rifle Specs:

Rifle: Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout
Calibers/Barrels: 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester, .338 Lapua Magnum

Primary Competition Barrel: 26.5″ 6.5 Creedmoor Benchmark 1-8″ twist custom machined by Sin City Precision

Magazines: Desert Tactical Arms magazines

Bipod: Harris 6-9″




Rings: Desert Tactical Arms

Scope: March-F 3-24x42mm





9&10/13 Vegas Precision rifle challenge ro series- 2nd

9/13   TBRC 2013- 2nd

9/13  Oklahoma -11th

6/13  PCRP Challenge at altitude- 3th

2/13  AZ TPRC – 8th

11/12 SoCal PRC – 7th

10/12  Las Vegas Crap Shoot R/O series- 2nd

09/12  Utah State Sniper Shoot -13th

07/12 AZ LRPRS- 6th

06/12 LV TPRM- 5th

05/12 AZ LRPRS- 6th

2012 Phoenix TPRC RO match- 1st

04/12 LV TPRM- 3rd

02/12 LV TPRM- 5th

01/12 AZ LRPRS- 4th

12/11 LV TPRM- 8th

12/11 AZ LRPRS- 1st

11/11 AZ LRPRS- 10th

10/11 AZ LRPRS- 1st

09/11 LV TPRM- 2nd

09/11 AZ LRPRS- 10th

06/11 LV TPRM- 7th