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Sin City Precision Club Member Roy D.

Sin City Precision Club Member Roy D.

I first started shooting with my dad and uncle around the age of 8.  At 9 I got my first rifle, a Marlin .22 which I still own.  I won my first informal competition with that rifle at the age of 11.  Growing up in rural New York, rifles were mostly used for hunting.  I used to shoot my 6mm Remington off our back porch into the woods.   In the dense woods of New York the longest shot was always under 100 yds.  It would not be until many years later that I would shoot farther.

After high school I joined the Air Force and was stationed at several different locations around the world.  Some places there was not a strong shooting community and there was several overseas locations that did not allow guns.  It was not until I came to Nevada that I got into precision rifles and competing.  It was 2009 when I bought my first Remington 700 SPS tactical with an SWFA SS scope on it.  After modifying that rifle as much as I cared to, I moved on to a Remington 5R and eventually to several custom rifles.

I started competing in local Precision rifle matches in 2011.  Along with precision rifle I really enjoy 3 gun and the fast challenging stages that it brings.  If I am not competing in matches I am usually out on the weekends practicing for the next match.  In 2013 I took over as match director for the precision rifle match at Desert Sportsman’s Rifle & Pistol club.  Running the matches and shooting in them at the same time brings a whole new level of challenge.  There is no way that I could manage it without the dedication and help that my teammates provide me.

Starting this year I will be participating in several Precision Rifle Series matches out of state. Starting with the Norcal TBRC in May.  My goals are to have fun, learn something new, have fun with friends and to try to finish in the top 50%.


Sin City Precision team member Roy

Sin City Precision team member Roy

Current Rifle Specs:

Desert Tech SRS chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor

Atlas Bipod

Straight laced gun gear & Tab Gear rear bags


Premier 5-25 with Gen II XR reticle


Match results:

October  2012 LVPRM – 1st place

May 2012 LVPRM – 1st place

April 2013 LVPRM – 1st place

May 2013 LVPRM – 3rd place

June 2013 LVPRM – 3rd place