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Red Rock’s and rifles. Photo Credit: Eric Hsueh


I started shooting at 8 years old and have been hooked ever since, shotgun, rifle and pistol shooting runs in my family. My father taught me how to shoot with a Remington Nylon 77. My Dad was very patient with me and taught me marksmanship. As I got older I graduated to a Ruger 22/45 pistol and Winchester Model 1894 .30-30 carbine. The years went by and it was time for me to purchase my first rifle. I saved my money and with my father’s help I bought a Winchester Model 70 XTR “Black Shadow”. The rifle was purchased for deer hunting but it also served as my first precision rifle. This was also my first rifle with a scope and it came equipped with a Leupold Vari-XII 2-7x.

_DSC1057 My shooting centered around big game hunting, but took a back seat during my high school years. I was very active in sports and my focus on shooting suffered. My Dad and I would sneak off to the rifle and pistol range when time permitted. Eventually I was out of school and my family relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada. I looked forward to the wide open spaces and access to public land. My Dad and I would have more time to spend together and we had a lot of shooting to catch up on. Now that I was older I purchased my first dedicated long range precision rifle. I bought a Remington 700P chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum. I also began purchasing reloading and precision shooting equipment. Shortly after learning how to load my own ammunition I headed out to a popular spot with a friend. As we got near we could tell that someone was already out there shooting. We continued on and slowly approached the truck. When we spoke with the guy we asked if he would like to join us and we all ended up shooting together! The guy I met was Dane Miller and we soon became good friends.

DSC_7668 It was through Dane that I first met another good friend of mine, Bill Wood. Dane, Bill and I began spending a lot of time together shooting and reloading. After participating in competitions together we teamed up and created Sin City Precision, a Las Vegas long range precision rifle club. After starting the club, I never would have guessed we would eventually be competing with rifles we built ourselves! The lathe has proven to be one of the best investments we’ve made for our shooting. I also never would have guessed our club would be hosting monthly precision rifle matches and yearly events. The past 6 years we have covered a lot of ground in the practical long range precision rifle shooting world. I can only imagine how deep this rabbit hole goes!


Current 6.5mm Creedmoor match rifle


01/14 LV PTRM 2nd

12/13 LV PTRM 5th

2013 So Cal PRC 8th

09/13 LV PTRM- 4th

01/13 LV PTRM- 4th

12/12 LV PTRM- 6th (tie)

10/12 AZ LRPRS- 6th

07/12 AZ LRPRs- 8th

06/12 LV PTRM- 2nd

03/12 AZ LRPRS- 7th

01/12 AZ LRPRS- 3rd

12/11 AZ LRPRS- 3rd

12/11 LV PTRM- 5th

11/11 AZ LRPRS- 7th

10/11 AZ LRPRS- 3rd

09/11 AZ LRPRS – 7th

06/11 AZ LRPRS – 1st

06/11 AZ PRC – 5th

06/11 LV PTRM – 5th

05/11 LV PTRM – 20th

03/11 LV PTRM – 3rd

02/11 AZ PRC – 8th (tie)

02/11 LV PTRM – 4th


Photo Credit: Eric Hsueh