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I grew up in Iowa and Wisconsin, spending my summers on my Grandpa’s farm and traipsing along the Mississippi river. I would shoot sparrows with my BB gun and got pretty good at it. In 7th grade I moved to Wyoming and fell in love with the mountains of the west. I finished high school, and went hunting each fall of course, but never really shot long range.

I guided on many of the rivers of Wyoming and eventually ended up in Alaska. At the end of each fishing season we would guide hunters to Caribou, Black Bear and the mighty Griz. Flyfishing was my real passion and I became an Orvis endorsed guide and an EMT. I ran a lot of whitewater. Mountaineering was a big part of my life and in 1990, 2 friends and I summited Denali (Mt. McKinley) by a very challenging route, The Cassin Ridge.

Following that adventure, I went to Nursing school and graduated in 1992 coming to Las Vegas to work in Intensive Care. I had been coming down here in the spring, from Wyoming, to rock climb at Red Rocks and Zion for a number of years prior. The first year I was here I climbed about 120 days. I got married and have 2 beautiful girls that are all grown up now and became a grandpa earlier this year.

I decided to study shooting in December of 2012 and started to learn handgun. I spent the early part of 2013 working on handgun, and then shotgun and semi automatic rifles. I attended some courses to get the basics. By June 2013, I had started to get interested in Long Range shooting- I hadn’t hunted in almost 20 years and wanted to start hunting again.

I did some research –or so I thought – and decided on a .308. Bought a factory gun and went to the range, but soon realized that I should get some instruction. That is when I took a chance and e-mailed the Sin City group and Ty Frehner answered the call. I went out with Ty in the fall of 2013 and he took me out to targets as far out as 1000 yards. I was sure there was no way I could make hits at that range, but he settled me down, gave me the right assistance and although I didn’t shoot at 1000 yards that day, he put me on 715 yards with factory ammo and a factory gun, a little 10 power Bushnell scope and had me on target in 3 rounds. It was all over for me right there. I was definitely going to do more of this!

He said I should come to a match, but I hesitated and finally decided to give it a go in November. I never looked back from there. I have been around some good people and the Sin City crew is amongst the best. I am really quite humbled to part of this group and look forward to whatever is next.