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Sin City Precision team shooter Dale

Sin City Precision team shooter Dale

I started shooting about 3 years ago at age 31 when I bought my first handgun, a sw sd40. Never really had any training, i would go out to the desert and try to hit what i was aiming at. After a few months, lots of youtube videos and a few thousand rounds I was very proficient with the handgun and getting bored with it. A friend suggested i get a rifle, and so the journey began.

I really had no idea what i was getting myself into, so i joined a few forums and started digging around and asking questions. Ended up picking up a Remington 700 5r milspec in 308, topped off with a millet lrs 5-25 scope. So it was back to the desert to try to figure out how to operate my new rifle. It took me a little while to get the hang of shooting a scoped rifle but once i got it, I was hooked!

Like anyone that shoots long range, i kept pushing myself and kept increasing the distances i was shooting and that’s when i ran into Dane and Bill. Was out shooting one morning with a friend at 1200 yds and they rolled up on us and joined in and showed us how to do it. They tried getting me to come out to the local matches but i felt that i was not ready for anything like that yet(especially after coming to one of there practice sessions and getting a sense of what they were doing). About 6 or 7 months of practice and lots of equipment changes, I was finally ready to enter my first match. My goal for the first one was to not finish last lol, ended up taking 2nd place and have been attending as many local and away matches as possible. The sin city crew is a great bunch of guys, and im grateful they took me in and showed me the ropes.


Match Rifle specs:

6.5 creedmoor

700 ss action

Rock creek barrel

Jewell trigger

McRee folding chassis

Harris bi-pod

Seekins rings

uso 5-25 with gen2 xr



2/13 – LVTPRM – 2nd

3/13 – LVTPRM – 19th

4/13 – LVTPRM – 3rd

9/13 – LVTPRM – 1st

10/13 – LVTPRM – 2nd

12/13 – LVTPRM – 3rd

1/14 – LVTPRM – 3rd

2/14 – LVTPRM – 2nd

3/14 – LVTPRM – 2nd

4/14 – LVTPRM – 1st