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I started shooting when I was about 6 years old.  My first rifle was the good old Daisy Red Rider BB gun for shooting cans in our back yard.  As I grew a little older my dad would take me out in to the desert just a few miles outside of Las Vegas and we would shoot .22s.   The .22s would serve as the foundation to all later shooting related endeavors.  Once I turned 18 my first rifle that I purchased was a Savage heavy barreled .223 and threw a cheap-o Simmons scope on it. There were many days after high school I took the .223 and my Jeep out to the desert for a little target practice. With this rifle I started to push the distance boundaries out to around 400 yards using “Kentucky windage” and hold over guesstimates.

During the college years my priories shifted and I found myself working more, going to day classes, night classes, buying my own house and still making time for a social life. Needless to say the Savage .223 started to gather dust.  After several years I was in a position that I could enjoy my weekend target shooting again and upgraded to a DPMS LR 308.  At this time I did a ton of research on optics and purchased my first tactical style scope, a Nightforce 5.5x-22. The next day while sighting in the DPMS 308 I had a chance encounter with Joe out in the desert.  Shortly after that he got me in to reloading and we were pushing the 308s back past 1000y in a matter of weeks.  Within one month of purchasing the 308 I jumped head first to my first precision rifle match with the goal of not coming in last place, I finished 11th out of 17th and was hooked. Only a few months and matches had gone by when we met Bill and Beau.  Together we formed SCP and are dedicated to developing out skills and pushing our limits and the rest can be seen on the SCP website.

Sin City Precision

1991 about 9 years old with a Ruger 10/22


Rifle Specs:

Caliber:  6.5 Creedmoor

Action:  Rem 700

Barrel:  26″ Rock rem varmint 1/8 twist

Trigger:  Jewell HVR

Chassis: KMW stock

Magazines: AI and McRee

Bipod: Harris 6″-9″



Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x56mm



10/13 Vegas precision rifle chalenge RO – 5th

9/13 TBRC 2013 -12th

9/13 Vegas precision rifle chalenge RO – 7th

7/13 AZLRPRS- 6th

6/13  PCRP Challenge at altitude- 4th

2/13  AZ TPRC – 5th!

11/12 SoCal PRC – 9th

10/12 AZLRPRS- 2nd

10/12  Las Vegas Crap Shoot R/O series- 3rd   (1st place combine scores)

9/12 Utah State Sniper Shoot- 8th

9/12  Las Vegas Crap Shoot R/O series- 2nd

7/12 AZLRPRS- 15th

6/12 AZLRPRS-4th

6/12 LVTPRM-4th

4/12 LVTPRM-9th

3/12 AZLRPRS -2nd

2/12 AZLRPRS RO match – 4th

11/11 LVTPRM- 3rd

09/11 LVTPRM- 4th

06/11 AZLRPRS – 14th

06/11 AZPRC – 12th

06/11 LVTPRM – 3rd

05/11 LVTPRM – 4th

04/11 AZPRC – 8th

04/11 AZLRPRS – 5th

03/11 LVTPRM – 2nd

02/11 AZPRC – 8th(tie)

02/11 LVTPRM – 12th