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I grew up in the Black Hills in South Dakota, my grandfather and his friends were avid hunters. All of us grand kids got a rifle for our first birthday, mine was a pump action Winchester 22 long rifle. ( I still have it to this day) I grew up around fire-arms and did plenty of plinking in the back yard and later when I was old enough I took to the Mountains in Montana with a Remington Model 721 chambered in .270, I hunted deer and elk in some of the most beautiful country in the world in my opinion. I was hooked.

Fast forward a few years, my wife had just graduated from law school at the University of Montana and we were looking for a place for her to start her career, I had already got my start and had graduated from the University of Montana College of Technology working as a technician at the Caterpillar dealership in Missoula Montana, we made our way to Las Vegas, Nevada which to say the least was culture shock for me, never having lived outside of the rural setting s of Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming! I put my head down and worked hard working for a few different contractors as a mechanic and eventually making my way back to the Caterpillar dealership here in Las Vegas. I have since gone out on my own and have a field service repair business here in Las Vegas (Wood Brothers Field Service) We perform repairs of customers heavy equipment on their job-sites, I have three trucks, with two employees and I run one of the trucks.

I had never lost my interest in firearms and hunting, but it had been put on the back burner for awhile while we were getting things sorted out in our professional lives. In the last 5 years I have hunted every year in atleast one state and spend a decent amount of time scouting one area or another and countless hours shooting in the desert with friends and family, it was during this period that I also met some of the other members of Sin City Precision. I was on a shooting forum and had visited on there several times with Dane as we both own the Barrett model 99 50 BMG. We had talked several times on-line and I (and especially my wife!) were apprehensive to meet for the first time, not knowing if I was meeting a serial killer or not :)!!! I ended up running into Kurt Stone as I had found some of his reactive steel targets on line and I bought one. He told me about the monthly precision rifle match that was being held at Desert Sportsman, at the time my brother and I had already committed to a three day match at the ITRC in Gillette Wyoming and neither of us had ever even shot a match before…definitely jumping into the DEEP END of the pool, so I agreed to come up and check it out and figured if nothing else would kind of help prepare me for what was to lie ahead at the Wyoming match. It was there that I met Joe and Dane and several others in the local shooting community. It seemed to click right away with Joe, Dane, and I and I started joining them for shooting in the local Las Vegas desert, much to the dismay of my wife! She was sure that they were going to turn out to be serial killers… lol, it wasn’t until I invited Dane over to the house and he showed up with his lady friend who happened to be our cat’s vet, then my wife FINALLY agreed that Dane probably wasn’t going to shoot me and leave me in the desert.

Through shooting with these guys I came to meet Joe’s dad Dave, Beau, Jimmy, Aaron, and Tyler who now make up the primary core of Sin City Precision. My skills which are constantly developing have made leaps and bounds in the last few years shooting with these guys, I still have a long way to go before I am shooting at the same level of consistency that they have been demonstrating from match to match, but I just enjoy spending time with the team and I learn something on every single outing and in every single match that we shoot and beyond that I have a great time doing it!

I think one of the best things about shooting group is that we have a very tight group, there is nothing that we wouldn’t do to help out our friends, in my opinion that is a rare thing, especially here, I grew up primarily in Montana and the friends that I grew up with were always there NO MATTER WHAT, I feel that we have that same comradery here. I think we have a common goal and we all want to accelerate in our sport, and we are doing so all at our own speed, but at the same time benefiting from the experience levels of all of the members of the group.

I am shooting a 6.5 Creedmoor, I chose the caliber as it was my first custom rifle and I had seen the results that Dane and Joe were achieving with it and in research on line it seemed to be a strong performer in the competition world. It has a LH Stiller A/W TAC 30 action, very smooth action, a Remington 700 clone, again this was based on results that I had seen Dane and Joe and I had the opportunity to get behind their rifles and was impressed with the smoothness of the action, the spiral fluted bolt is cool, I have heard that there are benefits of a fluted bolt in cold climates due to less surface area to “freeze up”, but to be honest I just think it looks bad ass! The trigger is a Timney. I have a Rock Barrel with the MTU contour, I have recently switched over from the Harris bi-pod to the Atlas and I absolutely love the Atlas, even with out a brake on my rifle I am able to spot my own impacts (when I concentrate on my follow through), I don’t know what else to say about this bi-pod, it isn’t even in the same category as my Harris…in a word AWESOME! I am running a USO scope, I have the SN3-TPAL 3.8x17x44 with the MOA scale reticle. It has the ERIK knob for elevation, dust cap over the windage knob. It has a 30mm tube. I absolutely love the scope and the reticle. It is nice to be able to use hold-overs no matter what power you are on, not to mention using the reticle for ranging at any magnification. I have my rifle currently in a McRee folder chassis, by far the nicest I have run to date. But I love the fact that that it is a folder, I have taken the heavy pig hunting and it stows nicely in my Eberlestock pack when folded, also makes it nice to clean the rifle rather than having to lower the cheek rest every time.

Rifle Specs

Caliber:  6.5 Creedmoor

Action:  Stiller

Barrel:  Rock MTU Contour, Ross Schuler Brake

Trigger:  Timney

Stock:  McRee Chassis folder

Magazines: McRee/AI

Bipod: Atlas



Rings:  US Optics

Scope:  US Optics SN3 TPAL 5-25x58mm, 3.8x17x44 T-PAL

US Optics Precision Rifle Scopes




6/13 – LVTPRM – 5th

5/13 – LVTPRM – 4th

5/13 – AZLRPRS – 9th

3/13 – LVTPRM – 7th

2/13 – LVTPRM – 18th

2/13 – AZ TPRC – 63RD

10/12 – LVTPRM – 9th
5/12 – LVTPRM – 4th

4/12 – AZLPRS – 8th

4/12 – LVTPRM – 18th

3/12 – AZLPRS – 3rd

3/12 – LVTPRM – 15th

06/11 AZLRPRS – 11th

06/11 LVTPRM



2010 ITRC

2009 ITRC