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Aron putting rounds down range

Shooting somewhere in the Southern Nevada desert


Growing up in Hawaii, guns weren’t a big part of my life. Actually, I can’t remember anyone having anything other than a BB gun or a spear gun. I had friends that would hunt wild pigs, but that was always with a bow and arrows. I was really more interested in board sports. I’ve been around guns for several years, but shooting was always a bit white-trashy, as I’ve definitely shot my fair share of TVs and fire extinguishers.

A few years ago, my buddy Tyler and I built our own AR-15s and began shooting actual targets. While Ty had been shooting all his life, I was new to any type of precision shooting. We would set up paper, steel and tannerite targets out to 300-400 yards. We thought we we’re pretty good, but our satisfaction plateaued. After watching videos and reading websites, I declared we should learn how to shoot accurately to 1000yrds. Ty was in, and we began what we would find out to be a fairly short journey. I improved my equipment a bit, my first “precision” rifle was a Remington 700 SPS in .308. We spent time on load development, but when we actually went into the field to shoot some distance, the goal was closer than we knew.

We went to a dry lake bed near Apex, dropped some steel around 650 yards and prepared to take aim. A few minutes later I took the first shot, there was a bit of wind and major mirage. I was almost sure I hit, but Ty wasn’t so sure. We rode out to check the target on a quad and sure as shit the target was hit pretty close to the middle. We stood there for a couple minutes looking at the target and reflected about the journey to get there. “Well that was anti-climatic”, I said. Shooting 1000 yards took further time, practice and logistics, but no major sense of accomplishment resulted.

Since then we started pushing ourselves with greater distance and smaller targets. Our equipment got better, and by chance, we got into Precision Tactical Rifle Competitions. Shooting in the competitions has introduced me to a bunch of awesome new friends and shooters. Competitive shooting provides me with an outlet to continually challenge myself. The combination of shooting a variety of unusual and difficult target situations, and having to shoot against a variety of mostly superior shooters, ensures that I have an endless supply of challenges to occupy my focus.

Aron shooting during the AZ LRPRS match

Reloading during some positional shooting

Several guys from Sin City Precision stood out as extremely friendly and supportive. We started practicing and traveling to other competitions with them, and ultimately were invited to join the team. Additionally, the shooters from AZ LRPRS deserve mention for being equally friendly and supportive.

When not shooting, I am a husband and a Fireman. I’ve been married for 7 years, and have served my community as a Fireman for the last decade. I have family in Las Vegas, California and Hawaii. I’ll lived in Hawaii, California, Washington and Nevada, but I’ll always think of Kailua, Hawaii as my hometown. I recently applied for my first hunting tags, but have no idea what to expect, as I’ve been known to tear up when fishing.