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Sand Sock Gear- Got bags?

Posted on November 15, 2016


Authored by Sin City Precision member Bobby Fleming.

One of the things you find out pretty quick when you start shooting Long Range, especially if you plan on shooting in PRS style matches, is there are certain pieces of equipment you’ll need that can help you be a better and more consistent shooter and one of those pieces of equipment is precision shooting bags.

Now shooting bags have come a long way since filling up a sock or a Purple Crown Royal bag with sand, although every now and then, you can still find someone at the range who just can’t let go of that Crown Royal bag!


Every shooter has their own preferences when it comes to what their looking to get out of a rear shooting bag, but I think it’s safe to say that the following characteristics are important to everyone.

First the bag should be light weight, nobody is looking to add or carry any unnecessary weight, the rifle with scope is heavy enough. Versatility, if a Shooter can use one bag for different positions and/or you can connect that bag to your rifle, so you don’t have to worry about losing it when moving from stage to stage, that bag may be one of the more important pieces you will carry. Durability, a shooting bag is something you’re probably going to use a every time you’re behind your rifle, so it has to be able to withstand a beating.

I recently come across a company called Sand Sock Gear, based out of Utah, run by both Veterans and civilians folks who have a passion for Long Range Shooting. So much so that they decided they wanted to make a living doing it, and started making Precision Shooting Bags. They offer a set of 3 different sized shooting bags (specs below), basically a small rear bag, a medium bag and a large pillow sized bag, that come in a variety of different color schemes.


The owner of the Company Chandler Vern Smith, sent us a set and asked us to put the bags through the paces, provide some feedback, as they are always looking for ways to make the bags better and more shootercentric (Yes, I just made that word up and it’s awesome).

So after using the bags for a little over a month and having several different people try them out, we found the bags to lightweight and durable, very well put together and held up well on different shooting surfaces, the webbing and elastic are all Mil-Spec, made with 500D Cordura and filled with a light weight polystyrene EPS foam bead. Although, the bags did not have an option to connect to your rifle, the bags were very versatile, as they did have straps and elastic draw strings to keep the bag in place while shooting on different obstacles like a tank trap or window ledge. Despite, the smallest rear shooting bag (the one bag you would probably use the most), being a bit under filled, we found it easy to manipulate and move into position.

Ultimately, everyone who had the opportunity to use the bags, felt like they were well built, easy to use and would definitely recommend them to any one looking to add shooting bags to their list of Long Range Shooting equipment.

Bag Specs:

Small Bag – L 5.5” x W 3.5” x H 3.5”

Meduim Bag – L 9”x W 6” x H 2.5”

Large Bag – L 10.5” x W 9” x H 5.5”

Total set weight  2 LBS


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