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Raven Concealment Phantom Holster and Magazine Pouch

Posted on May 20, 2012

Raven Concealment Phantom Holster

I’ve been shooting and carrying the 1911 for more years than I like to admit. Own more holsters than I care to count. Makes my wallet ache thinking about it, and have even ventured out and made a few holsters myself using my meager leather working skills. For all that, I’ve never found a holster I am truly enamored with…until now.

A friend loaned me his copy of Magpul Dynamics™ Art of the Dynamic Handgun, besides being highly entertaining and scaring the bejesus out of my wife and dogs as I ran through drills in my living room, I admired the rigs Travis Haley and Chris Costa were sporting. Clean lines, close to the body hold and all the benefits of kydex. I learned the gear comes from Raven Concealment so I hopped online to check it out and order up the Phantom 1911 holster for my STI Ranger II and a Double Pistol Mag Carrier.

Phantom Holster

Raven Concealment holsters are hand made, one at a time, to the specific requirements of the weapon and the user. The online ordering page at Raven Concealment allows you to determine the belt size for the loops, black or coyote for color, cut options, and accessories. The ordering process is straight forward, and then you settle in for the wait time, 13 to 14 weeks for my set up, at least they kept to the schedule they set. This is not off the shelf gear, so time is what it takes. It was worth the wait.

The basic set up I ordered is an outside the pant belt holster with attachments to fit a 1 ½ inch wide belt, I also ordered up the 1 ¾ inch loops for my other gun belt. Wearing it on the strong side just behind the right hip works out well for me. The holster lies close to the body and keeps the pistol’s grip in snug, but not so close that you can’t easily reach down and find your firing grip. The holster design allows the grip to be completely clear for grasping, and the trigger and thumb safety on the 1911A1 to be shrouded, no worries about getting a hold of the moving parts too soon and embarrassing yourself in a traumatic fashion.

Phantom Holster Backside View

The thing I like best about kydex is the material can be kept thin and it the holster won’t collapse. Other outstanding attributes are the vault like feeling you have when the pistol is holstered. The pinch points lock the pistol in and the hard shell protects against bumps and falls. I know, leather does a darn fine job, and has or centuries. I have a small plethora of holsters lying around, some I’ve made, and they all work. I feel kydex works better and when formed and fashioned in the manner Raven Concealment goes about it, a lot better. Raven Concealment uses a pancake type construction that affords a narrower profile, although the pancake style holster takes up a bit more room on the belt. Not a concern for me, I have plenty of belt room.

The double magazine pouch does not disappoint, using the same quality of construction,

Double Magazine Pouch

it fits on the belt in the same manner as the holster, up close but still allowing easy access. As with the Phantom holster, the magazines lock into the double magazine carrier easily and firmly. You could run a full course of calisthenics with this set up and not lose a thing.

A nice feature of the Phantom Holster and magazine carrier is the Chicago screw assembly for the belt loops. You can see the four corner attachments in the picture to the left. The center screw controls the grip tension.

This makes it easy for the user to swap out attachment methods, of which there are plenty. This rig can go from outside the pants on the range to inside the pant for dinner in town with the simple use of a screw driver.

Raven Concealment offers several different attachment methods; soft loops, tuckable loops, and J-hooks. You can find more information on the In the Waistband (IWB) Accessory web page.

Magazine Pouch Backside View

Besides the gear shown here, Raven Concealment manufactures a multitude of gear and does custom work as long as you can send the item in. Communication is spot on, with quick replies to emails in my case, and a friendly, flexible manner.  I have had Raven Concealment do a bit of special work for me making a magazine holder for my AI patterned rifle magazines, but that’s a story for later.

Raven Concealment makes top notch gear, in the USA, the right way. This is kit you can depend on.

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