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Posted on October 10, 2014

I do a lot of writing in regard to practical long range precision rifle shooting. Writing is not one of my favorite things to do, but it is a great way to share information. I enjoy reading what others write on the subject more than I like writing about it myself.

I have been following for awhile now, and really enjoy the data driven approach to his entries. I encourage you to visit his site and dive right in. Many of his entries are extremely comprehensive and very thoroughly cover the subject. My favorite entry is his massive undergoing of a scientific method evaluation of the top high end scopes. The goal is  to see where the different products stack up. Of course I was very curious to see where my beloved U.S. Optics ER-25 would place in the evaluation… here is the result.




The US Optics ER-25 5-25×58 came in at #5 with solid all-around performance. It’s the best value among scopes in the $3,000-4,200 price range (most performance per dollar). It was 1 of 3 scopes that performed flawlessly on both the mechanical calibration and reticle cant tests, and it did well optically too. US Optics also offers more reticle choices than any other company, and a lot of other customization features as well that aren’t available through other manufacturers (Cerakote color, illumination color, eyepiece options including one with an internal level, 10+ standard reticle choices or the option for them to build a reticle to your own specifications). You could almost call them a custom scope company. It also has an very useful feature that allows you to make use of more of the elevation travel, which I cover in more detail in Mechanical Performance Part 2. One downside with the US Optics 5-25×58 was that it is 1.6 inches longer than any other scope tested, which makes it feel less maneuverable. Clicks on the EREK turret weren’t as crisp as other scopes in the top 5, although that had no effect on mechanical precision. It also only has numbers marked on the turret for the 1st rotation, and with 11 mils per revolution, it can get confusing what adjustment you’re on during the 2nd and 3rd revolution. The USO 5-25×58 is a great all around scope, purpose-built for extreme range shooting.

The man behind is Carl Zant. I would take the liberty to tell you more about him but it is best to just visit his “About” page.


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