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Night Optics USA D-930 Clip-On Night Vision

Posted on February 27, 2013
Night Vision

Night Time Is the Right Time!


The D-930 is a clip-on night vision device that clamps in front of your day scope allowing you to make shots in darkness without the need to change your zero.  It is a gen. 3 night vision device.  When I was looking to purchase a night vision device cost was an issue (as a lot of the high end units are upward of $10,000, I was trying to get into a decent unit without breaking the bank, but at the same time have a unit that would be capable of identifying targets at night to a distance of at least 300 yards).

While reading about the units, I found that one of the important criteria in the technical department as to the quality of the tube and image were concerned was noise to signal ratio  From what I found in my reading was that anything above a 23 was a very good clear tube.  While at SHOT show I had picked up some literature from Night Optics USA, I saw their D-930 listed as a clip-on option.   One of the issues that caught my attention is the D-930 is designed to “clamp –on” to the objective bell of your day scope, I wanted a rail mounted system to keep any un-necessary strain off of my optics.  With further research I found a solution, the unit has a rail to mount an IR laser on it, that can be clamped to the rail on your rifle utilizing a few easily found parts.  (I robbed two bases off of some scope rings I had laying around in the reloading room)

I didn’t find a lot on line about the unit, the price was around the $5k mark which was significantly less than some of the high end units I had looked at before.  I did some more digging and was able to find Ray Dawson,  a fellow shooter, and Night vision user.   In talking with Ray, he informed me that he had used the units side by side with the PVS-24, and PVS-27, in his words, the high end units did have slightly better clarity, “but not $5000 dollars better!”  That was the kind of hands on information that I was after because I wanted something that would be useable, but I didn’t necessarily want to invest $10k into it either if I could find something that would perform up to my expectations for a more reasonable price.

I was able to find a unit through Night Optics that had a Noise:Signal ratio of 27:1, which was well above the 23 threshold that I had read about in my research.  I negotiated the price at just under the $5k mark and anxiously awaited its arrival.  I was very pleased with initial testing which basically entailed mounting it on my rifle and looking at stop signs and items in my back yard.  We took it out and put rounds on steel at 300 yards with no zero shift.

AR sporting night vision

Artic panther with USO 3.2x17x44 with Objective scope mounted NV

I have since added a DBAL-D2 IR illuminator and aiming laser.  It has both IR and visible aiming lasers.  It has proven to be a very capable set-up.  I have taken it out on many occasions coyote calling and to this point my coyote calling has been un-successful, but the night vision set-up is amazing.  I have a very good range of view with it and with the illuminator it doesn’t matter whether it is a moon-lit night or not.  I would recommend this set-up to anyone looking to get a good Gen 3 Night vision set-up with out breaking the bank.  I would recommend getting a handheld/helmet mount unit for “spotting” the clip-on works great for shooting, but you get very fatigued doing a lot of scanning behind the rifle.  I have purchased a PVS-14 and a helmet rig with the Torch illuminator as a “spotting” Night Vision device, that way I can call and scan the area with the helmet rig without getting fatigued behind the rifle and if I see something that requires closer attention then I can get behind the rifle and investigate further.


Ray Dawson
Night Optics USA web site
(276) 451-0675

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