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New Sin City Precision Members

Posted on October 6, 2014



Jared sporting his new Burris XTR II

The folks of Sin City Precision are proud to announce that we have added a few new members among our ranks! We are happy to welcome Jared, Cory and Jerry to our rifle club! These guys have been a huge asset to us. We cannot tell you how important it is for our club to have quality people that we can count on. We purposely designed our new member protocol so joining our club is not the easy or fast. We can deny anyone for any reason. We are looking for quality individuals and these guys more than fulfill our standard.


Cory during this weekends monthly event.

Jared (top left) has been shooting with us since 2013 and has always gone out of his way to help during our monthly events. We have even had the opportunity to attend Precision Rifle Series events with him. While shooting the New Mexico event for Wounded Warrior, we knew Jared was a shoe in. Cory (right) and Jerry (bottom left) started shooting with us in early 2014 and have put in tons of work with us at Nellis Gun Club. They were out with shovels and picks when it was scorching hot out and we needed to build a shade structure. Their time is valuable and we are incredibly thankful for their help and talent.

Jerry at CATM range during the August monthly event.

These shooters have been making leaps and bounds with their abilities behind a precision rifle and we know the day is coming where they will be at the top of the leader board. We are looking forward to spending more time with these guys and learning from them. Every member of Sin City Precision brings something to the table. This synergetic effect between friends has allowed us to take on, and accomplish some pretty ambitious goals. We have a lot more to do, and with members like Jared, Cory and Jerry we look forward to talking on those challenges.


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