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New Member Protocol

Posted on March 4, 2014

US Optics/Horus H-102

*Disclaimer please read first

Written below in the protocol for individuals seeking membership with Sin City Precision, the protocol has a stern tone and it is not meant to offend or drive off individuals interested in joining. We purposely wrote it with a serious tone to keep it focused and concise. We want this description to be as straight forward as possible. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us by using the form on our “contact” page. We reserve the right to change or amend the protocol at any time.

Becoming a Sin City Precision member

I thought we would have more time before we needed to address this, but we have already received some inquiries through our website and local match. I think it is best to start by letting folks know, before Sin City Precision officially existed we had a bad experience. The whole situation was such a waste of time that we want to make sure it does not happen again. Our club was started by a core group of friends. We will maintain that dynamic, and will not permit any member into the club that could potentially disrupt that. Here is the protocol for becoming a member of Sin City Precision.

Phase one: Show up to our events

Participation is very important in our club. Many of our members play integral roles in the clubs operations and events. Every member contributes in different ways. We look for folks who help out, folks who do not need to be asked to do something. We pull potential members from our local events. We also take note of who is helpful during our matches. Basically we look for individuals that have initiative, are not shy and are willing to get their hands dirty. If you show up after set up and leave before the range is broken down, please do not waste our time or yours by inquiring about membership. This vetting period is a 6 month process.

Phase two: You need a sponsor

After a minimum 6 month vetting period at our local events, a current Sin City Precision member will need to sponsor you (getting someone to sponsor you, is your responsibility) in order to move forward. The member who sponsors you will privately make the case to the current club members or answer any questions. The duration of your sponsorship period will be 3 months, if a current member expresses a reservation against you at any time you will not be permitted into the club. If no reservations have been voiced at the conclusion of your 3 month period, a final vote will be taken. At that point if any member has reservations about a potential member and votes no, the process has ended for that individual, and will not be permitted into the club. If the final vote has no objections, you’re in!

Phase three: You’re in!

I know the first two phases sounded really harsh and I hope you understand why they had to be written that way. We had to write them so the process is clear and concise as possible. We want it to be “black” and “white”, no gray. Now that you are in, we will be in touch about practice sessions, club events, club social gatherings and everything in between. We can even take a moment and I can go over some of the advantages and assets that come along with being a Sin City Precision member. The hard work hasn’t stopped, just because you’re a member doesn’t mean you get to sit on your butt and shoot, it actually means more will be expected from you!

For non-Sin City Precision Club members

If you are not a member of our club and have no interest in becoming one that is fine! If you begin the process and are not permitted into our club for any reason, please realize it is nothing personal and it doesn’t change anything.  We encourage as many local precision rifle shooters to participate in our monthly events, club member or not. Anyone can participate in our monthly events and we urge you to continue participating if you enjoy what we are doing.

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