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Mirage ULR SRZ Chassis

Posted on October 26, 2015

Mirage ULR SRZ chassis with tubular hand guard.

I recently put my 6.5mm Creedmoor match gun back together and have been using the new SRZ chassis by Mirage ULR. This is not my first Mirage ULR chassis but it is my favorite so far. I use a hunting version of their chassis system on my 6.5mm SAUM (see below). After my big game hunt in the fall of 2014 and shooting local Sin City Precision club matches, I have become very accustom to them. I have been following Mirage ULR since meeting Robert and George here in the Southern Nevada Desert a few years ago. I did an article on the first prototype they sent me, which you can read here. Since then I have been amazed by their progress and flat out impressed with the products they are offering today.


Mirage ULR hunting variant used on my 6.5mm SAUM/GAP 4S


Before we get too far into this I want to point out that the Mirage ULR chassis in not a drop in like many are accustom to. You will need to make one or two small modifications to your receiver. The most obvious modification is opening up the inlet port on the bottom of the action. The rear portion will have to be opened up because the magazine well on the Mirage ULR chassis system sits father back than other stocks/chassis. This allows you to have very little of the feed ramp overlapping in to the magazine well and aids in feeding long cartridges. On my 6.5 SAUM, in addition to modifying the rear of the receiver I had to trim my factory bolt stop back about 1/8”. Once I made the small modifications I was able to get both of my rifles put back together and hit the range.

The Mirage ULR chassis system is unique because the barreled action drops into the chassis about 1/2″-3/4”. This lowers the center line of the barrel and the center of gravity of the rifle. This also creates more surface area between the chassis and receiver. The low profile and streamline design helps with getting my rifle in and out of my Eberlestock scabbard and improves the overall handling of the rifle. The accuracy and consistency both my rifles achieve on a regular basis with the Mirage ULR chassis system is what a long range rifle shooter expects and the ergonomics make them very comfortable to shoot. The chassis incorporates a composite cheek piece that is adjustable for comb height ensuring you have the proper cheek weld. The composite does a much better job staying cool when its exposed to the sun and warm when shooting in cold weather versus aluminum ones. The butt stock can easily be adjusted up or down by loosening the thumb wheel fastener and the recoil pad makes heavier recoiling rifles pleasant to shoot. The length of pull is easily adjustable back and forth, these adjustments are accessible by removing the cheek piece. With these adjustments made you have a rifle that is nicely fitted to the shooter.


View or the SRZ’s mono pod, adj. cheek, adj. butt pad and LOP.

Similar to past versions of the Mirage ULR chassis system, you can change hand guards between a tubular style and more tradition open top style to meet your needs and preferences (see below). The improvement with the SRZ is that you now can change between hand guards without removing the barreled action from the chassis. This means you can easily go between one or the other without needing to re-zero your rifle. I am currently using the “flat top” tubular hand guard on my 6.5 Creedmoor match rifle. I like how it protects my fingers from a hot barrel when tightly slung into the gun and I do not have to be concerned when I grab it after a high round count stage. The flat top makes it easier to clear your scopes objective and helps combat mirage coming off a hot barrel. The open top hand guard is perfect for those who like to mount their scope as close to the bore of the rifle as possible, giving the rifle a slim profile. You have options to run either flush cups or swivel studs for your sling attachment and you can utilize a small piece of rail or a swivel stud for your bipod attachment.


Quick swap to the open top, hunting style hand guard.

A new feature incorporated into the SRZ is the integration of a simple but effective monopod into the rear end of the chassis. At first glance it is easy to miss, but upon closer inspection you will see the tension wheel that allows you to adjust the monopod up and down. When the monopod is not in use it blends seamlessly with the rifle and ascetically looks good. Some of the aftermarket monopod options can be an eye soar and clumsy to use. When incorporating the monopod into the chassis they didn’t try to over complicate things and followed the K.I.S.S. adage.

The fit and finish of the chassis has improved greatly compared to that first prototype that was sent out to me. The Cerakote is also done very well and I have had many compliments about it. They did a very attractive subdue two tone pattern. When I switched from my tubular hand guard to my open top hand guard I was impressed that the color and pattern matched perfectly. The chassis has rounded surfaces and smooth edges that make it comfortable to handle. The Mirage ULR chassis incorporates new ideas that set it apart from others out there and is a alternative worth consideration.

Mirage ULR offers complete custom rifles available in cartridges from .22-250 to .408 CheyTac. They also have chassis available to use with your current long range rifle or hunting rifle. For more information or to contact Mirage ULR, check out their website


5 round 100 yards.

Mirage ULR

Custom Centerline Rifle Chassis

1520 SE Parkway

Azle, Texas 76020

Phone: 817-406-4015

Fax: 817-406-407



View on the right hand side of the SRZ chassis by Mirage ULR.


Using the monopod in the upright position to aid in shooting downhill.

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