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McRee’s Precision G5 TMAG Carbine Chassis

Posted on July 27, 2012
Precision Carbine

McRee Carbine Chassis

The lathe has been both a blessing and a curse. It’s been a blessing because our team really enjoys the self reliance, we don’t have to send our rifles off and wait months for them to return. We know the work is done right because we did it right. Dane and I have come a long way and during that time our work has greatly improved. We have also gotten much faster than when we started and re-barreling a rifle or building a precision rifle is no longer a weekend long process.

Now the reason I say it’s a curse is because you want to build just about everything you can think of. All of the ideas that come to mind you want to incorporate into a rifle. We are constantly on the hunt for Remington 700 donor actions, match barrel blanks and other vital parts for our precision rifle builds. We have found it can be hard on the wallet to say the least.

Dane, David, Tyler, Bill and I started bouncing ideas off each other for a precision carbine built to our specifications. We liked the Ruger Scout but not how it shot or the stock and action for that matter. We wanted a short barrel rifle that was relatively light, had a folding stock, was magazine fed and had ergonomics we could all agree with. It also had to be capable of similar accuracy we achieve with our competition precision rifles.

US Optics SN-3 1.8-10x37mm Slimline

We began putting ideas on paper and what we came up with was a 16.5”, 6.5mm 1-8” twist barrel chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, mated to a Remington 700 short action. Other parts include Badger Ordnance low rings, Timney flat straight trigger and a US Optics SN-3 1.8-10 x 37 mm slim line MOA/MOA rifle scope.

Now I’ve mentioned in the past we are not big fans of traditional stocks. We really appreciate the advantages of chassis systems and we were in luck! While shooting with Scott McRee the weekend before SHOT show 2012 we ran some our ideas by him and he introduced us to the G5 TMag Carbine Chassis. As soon as we saw it we knew it was perfect for what we wanted to do.

The carbine chassis has the same magazine system and ergonomics as our match gun chassis but features a lighter MagPul CTR buttstock and light weight shortened forestock. The chassis folds using the same rock solid folding mechanism as our match gun chassis. The carbine chassis uses an AR15 buffer tube which allows you to use any AR15 buttstock. With all the AR15 bits and pieces out there you have plenty of options to configure the rifle how you want.

The shortened forestock accommodates the 16.5” barrel very well, leaving plenty of clearance for the Remington varmint contour. Like the full size chassis you can swap out different AR15 pistol grips to give it the feel you are looking for.

McRee Carbine Chassis

McRee Carbine Chassis

Once we built the barreled action and mated it to the McRee carbine chassis you instantly had a handy magazine fed bolt action rifle. With the buttstock folded the rifle fits well in a back pack or scabbard. It is handy as hell and also makes a neat truck gun. Now normally rifles like this end up being a jack of all trades and a master of none, but man these little bastards shoot! They have demonstrated accuracy on par with our match rifles.

The carbine chassis makes the rifle a complete package. We have all been pretty busy and unable to spend much time testing out the new set up so Bill took his and headed up to the Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship in Gillette. Bill’s brother will be shooting the precision carbine and Bill will be wielding his match gun. We are looking forward to hearing about the match and how the rifle did. Reports so far are positive!

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