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McRee Precision G5 TMAG Chassis System

Posted on March 13, 2012

By JFComfort

McRee Precision

Roof top stage in Phoenix, AZ

I personally prefer chassis systems over traditional rifle stocks for a few different reasons. I like the ability with a chassis system to just drop in a barreled action and torque it to specifications and hit the range. I don’t have to worry about pillar bedding or skim bedding the stock to the action. The magazine system is built into the chassis so you don’t have to worry about inletting for a particular bottom metal. I also feel the price between a traditional rifle stock, bottom metal and bedding work equals or exceeds the cost of a quality rifle chassis.

This particular chassis is a Remington 700 patterned, right handed, short action repeater. The chassis also folds and features a rigid hand hold. The chassis is coated tan and comes with a standard AR15 A2 pistol grip. On the front of the fore stock is a sling stud for attaching a Harris bi pod. The sling stud can be removed and have a picatinny rail placed in its location if preferred for using an Atlas bi pod. On both sides of the chassis you have four flush cup locations and locations for accessories rails or a night vision mount.

One of the first things I noticed when I put my barreled action into a McRee chassis was the weight I saved over the AI 2.0. It wasn’t a great deal of weight but it was enough for me to notice when I went to pick up the rifle. I really like how the folding stock retains it’s self and locks in the folded position. The rifle chassis also has many adjustments for the shooter. I was able to adjust the length of pull, cheek rest height, cheek rest position (forward or back) and placement of the butt pad (up and down). Once I adjusted the stock to my liking I was surprised how comfortable I was behind the rifle. After the adjustments I was very comfortable in the prone supported position. I was able to take it a step further and change out the grip to a Mag Pul MIAD grip which I prefer over the standard A2 grip that came with the chassis. You can use any AR pistol grip on the McRee chassis, if you have an existing grip you prefer you can easily change it out.

McRee Precision

Scrambler stage in Phoenix, Arizona

With everything adjusted I torque the chassis to specifications. The chassis feels rock solid and the folding stock locking mechanism is very strong. I really like the feel of the fore stock and find it is very comfortable when tightly slung into the rifle during positional shooting. The magazine system allows easy reloading of 5 or 10 round magazines from the prone position. You can also use AW magazines if you have an appropriate action. The fore stock is very stable when shooting in semi supported positions. I like how I am able to push the rifle all the way up to the front of the magazine. That is the balance point for the rifle and I feel it greatly aids me during those stages.

I feel the McRee Precision Rifle Chassis System is an excellent choice for the precision rifle shooter. I really like the “keep it stupid simple” approach to its design. The chassis is 3 main pieces; the butt stock, magazine section and fore grip. McRee offers different variations of certain parts so you can change them and tailor the chassis to your specific needs or prefernences. This makes the chassis even more versitile.

The system has gone over revisions throughout its life to improve its modularity and ability to fulfill the needs of the Military and Law Enforcement users. The changes made have also improved the system for civilian precision rifle shooters. Scott McRee owner of McRee’s Precision is constantly listening to the end users of his products and is always open to suggestions to improve the chassis. I’ve heard from many others that Scott was “the nicest guy in the industry” and I’m happy to report that it isn’t an exaggeration. We are very appreciative of McRee’s Precision’s support of our shooting team and look forward to utilizing his excellent products in upcoming rifle matches and practice sessions.

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McRee Precision Chassis

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