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Posted on December 16, 2014


I was introduced to the MagPod by my friend Beau. When he first described it to me I had a hard time visualizing what he was talking about. Time passed and I forgotten all about it, until he came by the house with a pre-production MagPod. Once I saw it, everything made perfect sense. After being introduced to the concept I had my own reservations about how reliable the magazine would feed. This was mainly because I had no experience with shooting off the magazine. I did not question its effectiveness and knew this was not something meant to achieve bench rest stability.

The pre-production unit allows us to beta test the new product, but it is not 100% the same as the final production unit. The only real difference is the rubberized foot on the front of the unit is non-permanent. The production unit will utilize an injection mold process that will make everything one piece. The MagPod is specifically designed to work with the Gen II Pmags by replacing the magazine floor plate. This is very quick and easy to do. Once you have replaced the floor plate on your magazine with the MagPod you are ready to load them up.

When I made it out shooting with the MagPod I noticed the increase in stability it offered. The stability was more apparent the farther out I was shooting. On my first outing I did not have high expectations. I was shooting frangible training ammunition and went out mainly to test feeding. It did not take a long time to realize the rifle fed just fine with me using the MagPod to steady my shooting position. My Dad and I experienced zero malfunctions while using the MagPod during regular shooting, and while using the forward cant design as a stability point in the prone position. We were not gingerly with the MagPod when shooting prone. I would shift around putting varying amounts of pressure on the magazine. After some time I found that “pre-loading” the MagPod similar to how I would press into my bolt gun on a bi-pod gave me best results. The forward cant design of the MagPod gives you the height and surface area you need to steady the rifle. While shooting my AR carbine I was able to quickly put rounds on steel targets at 330 yards and 475 yards. Because the MagPod is a part of your magazine you do not have any bi-pod legs to pull down or any releases to turn. As soon as you hit the ground you can pre load the MagPod to steady yourself.

The MagPod can also be utilized to steady other shooting positions we would traditionally use. One of them is shooting off your bag. Many of us, especially those who hunt have tossed their bag down and used it as a front rest. This is a good and relatively fast shooting position to build. When using this method to shoot the design on the MagPod further improves the stability of the position by adding another contact point. You will be surprised how stable you can get.

Dane and I also inadvertently tested the rubberized material used on the foot of the MagPod. During a night shoot in the desert we lost that portion (the pre-production “beta test” units had a non-permanent rubberized grip piece). I continued to use the MagPod with that portion missing. A decent amount of time passed and 5-6 weeks later Dane randomly found the missing portion in the sand. The rubberized portion had been exposed the entire time and figured the weather and conditions might have compromised the material. When I got it back from Dane I put it back on and added more super glue, then went right back to using it. The material used on the rubberized foot is durable. The production units are not susceptible to this because it will all be one piece. You will not have to worry about losing your rubber (lol).

During my time with the pre-production unit I have found the MagPod to be a multi-use item for your Gen II PMags. The MagPod serves both as a contact point to increase stability and aid in the accuracy of your shooting, but it also aids in removing magazines from magazine holders and pouches. On the forward portion of the unit are two deeply recessed areas. Those areas are perfect for getting a hold of the magazine and yanking them out. I look forward to using the production version and plan on having a small supply of Gen II Pmags equipped with MagPods!


Photo by Eric Hsueh

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