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LAW Tactical: Gen III folding stock adapter

Posted on February 21, 2015



I first saw the LAW Tactical folding stock adapter while searching for rifle parts on the Internet. The product was in its first generation and quickly caught my eye because it allows you to fold the stock on your AR rifle! Personally, I am a fan of folding stocks. A folding stock makes any rifle shorter thus it is easier to store, transport or conceal.


The LAW Tactical folding stock adapter is a serious component. It is made from 4140 tool steel and is CNC machined in the United States of America. The sample we have for test and evaluation adds 10.625 ounces to the rifle and is the most recent evolution of the product, the Gen III. I do not have first hand experience with the previous generations of this product, but by searching the internet I was able to gather that with the Gen II we got a; reduced profile, redesigned hinge, user adjustable tension, and steel internals. Law Tactical took it to the next level with the Gen III, improvements include; tool less symmetrical bolt carrier extension, lower receiver set screw, 0.5” lower hinge position, and increased strength with its 4140 tool steel construction versus the Gen II’s aluminum body construction.

The AR rifle was not meant to fold. The system utilizes the stock (more precisely the buffer tube) to house a buffer and spring. This returns the bolt carrier group into battery. The LAW Tactical folding stock adapter over came this hurdle by retaining the buffer and spring in the normal manner, and retaining the BCG in the upper receiver via the carrier extension and locking lug, when the stock is in the folded position. When in the non-folded and locked position the system is re-aligned with the carrier extension making up the extra space created by the adapter (reason for 1.3″ long charge stroke) so the rifle will function properly. With folding stocks you want it to be solid when locked up, and retain position when folded so it is not swinging around. The release/lock mechanism needs to be sturdy and the adapter cannot interfere with charging the rifle. I can confidently report back that this product meets those criteria. Depending on what technique you are using to charge the rifle, the hinge may still partially obstruct your “charge stroke”.


Installing the adapter was straightforward and easy to do with the instructions and proper tools. Anyone familiar with assembling an AR lower reciever will have no problems installing the adapter.

Critics regarding the Gen II LAW Tactical folding stock adapter refer to the fact the adapter is not made to fire in the folded position, and that you cannot push out the rear pin and access BCG or trigger group without a screwdriver to remove the carrier extension. Those are valid points and depending on how you feel about it may mean this product is not for you. ITS Tactical did a video where a Gen II was safely fired (5.56x45mm) while folded. They were able to then unfold the stock and fire another round. The rifle remained functional, you can watch the video by clicking here. I am in no way encouraging you to use this product in that manner, but wanted to make a point about the strength of the design. The Gen III benefits from a serious strength upgrade (tool steel vs. aluminum). They have also addressed the issue of field stripping the rifle. The carrier extension has been redesigned and does not require any tools. The extension can easily be removed allowing you to separate your upper and lower without the need of a screwdriver.

I mentioned in my introduction paragraph I am a fan of folding stocks, mainly because it makes the rifle easier to transport. My friends and I primarily shoot precision rifles and have become accustom to the convenience of a folding stock. For shooters like me, the advantage is most noticeable when packing up your rifle for a flight or loading rifles and gear into the back seat of your truck on a frequent basis. The LAW Tactical Gen III folding stock adapter makes the concealment, discreet carry and transportation of an AR rifle much easier. The latest generation of this product is an other example of the continued progress, and evolution of the AR.


Installation was very easy and straight forward. Dane and I were able to install it on the tail gate of his truck with the help of a Multitasker V3. Some funny things happened after the instillation of the LAW Tactical folding adapter. The first thing we noticed was the added length of pull allowed the use of the adjustable cheek piece! Prior to the adapter instillation you could not charge the rifle because the cheek riser interfered. The second strange thing we cannot explain, the POF lower would not securely latch the bolt in the rearward position. When the bolt would catch it was only partial or it would latch against the magazine. The slightest bump would release it. After we installed the LAW Tactical folding stock adapter the problem was elevated.

We did encounter a small hang up. The LAW Tactical buffer retaining pin did not drop into the recess easily, near as we could tell their was either a tool mark or burr that was making it a tight fit. The best way to fix this would be to reduce the major diameter of the retention pin or clean up the recess but we did not have the resources on hand. Lucky for us the Multitasker came to the rescue and we were able to complete the installation!

Overall length extended: 46.5″

Overall length collapsed: 35″




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