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Club Member Jason’s Stippling Work

Posted on February 9, 2014
Sin City Member Jason's Work

Polymer Stippling

Glock pistols are pretty much universally loved, and for good reason. They are simple, reliable, accurate and affordable. Over the years Glock has become a juggernaut in the firearms industry and has paved the way for many of the polymer framed pistols we see today.

There will always be individuals that just do not like Glock pistols. I hear a lot of different reasons on why they are disliked and their reasons are all valid. I have noticed over the years a lot of gunsmiths and companies offer custom work to Glock pistols. The work varies from smith to smith, and some companies do extensive research to develop their product. What this does is allow someone to utilize the best characteristics of the pistol and make changes so it better works for them.

Tree Bark Texture

Tree Bark Texture

Custom receiver work can take a polymer frame pistol from something unappealing and turn it into a pistol you’ll immediately love. So many things can be done to the polymer frame. A custom smith can narrow the grip, slightly change the grip angle, remove finger grooves or the rear hump off the gun.

Changing the actual texture of the frame (stippling) also goes a long way to improve the grip you have on the weapon.  It improves your shooting because you are able to better manage the recoil. I have seen a lot of different stippling jobs and some are incredible while others can be a bit of an eye soar.

Our team-mate JReber had the need/want to have some custom work done to his Glock pistol in order to have better recoil management. After doing some research and finding out what he wanted, he approached a business to have it done. He was very surprised at the price tag, long turn around time and didn’t want to be without his pistol for that length of time. Nor did he want to deal with shipping the pistol through an out-of-state FFL . So what did JReber do? He did extensive research, bought a ton of A2 hand grips and started practicing! Once he perfected the work, he worked on his personal pistol. The results were outstanding from day one but he kept working to improve his techniques, features and finishes. I can tell you that his stippling and receiver work has been some of the best I have seen to date. The clean lines and consistency in the stippling pattern really makes the quality of the work stand out. He has noticed a HUGE increase in recoil management which allows him to re-acquire a quick sight picture and sight alignment for faster target assessment or a follow-up shots if needed.

Abstract Texture

Abstract Texture

There is more to come! Bill and Dane worked a deal to secure a mill. Between the lathe and mill we really have great resources to keep our rifles up, and of course try new things. Soon we will be combining JReber’s polymer frame-work with slide machine work and Cerakote! We will keep everyone updated on how things develop. Please check back soon for more photos our JReber’s work and progress.

If you have any questions about JReber’s work, please fill out the form under the “Contacts” page and he’ll be more that glad to answer any questions you may have.

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