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Hunting 2015: Montana “High Line”

Posted on November 25, 2015



Sin City Precision member Bill Wood with his 2015 Buck

Had a great hunt this year in some new country. Hunted the “High Line” in Northeast Montana near the Canadian border. We usually hunt the mountains on the west side of the state.


We had a lot of fun with some really great people who showed us the area, and put us on some really nice deer on day 1. Mine was a 23.5″ wide 4×4 mulie that was bedded in some thick brush. We were just scoping out the area on the first day of the hunt and kicked a doe out of the same draw that the buck was in. We all watched the area for awhile to see if anything else was going to “get up”. Ryan and I were about to move on to the next area to get the lay of the land when I decided to give that brush one more glance and caught a glimpse of his big roman nose. I ranged it, 130 yards with a decent downhill angle (didn’t bother even looking at cosine indicator).  Figured it to be point of aim, point of impact with the 6.5 SAUM and 130 grain Bergers @ 3250 fps. All I could see is about a 10″ window into the brush which was a profile of the side of his head. I could tell the main beam had some decent mass and the antler I could see rose fairly high in the brush before it blended in with it, I decided to take him. Pulled crosshairs down center mass of the head and sent it. Impacted just below his eye, no exit wound (later found out from taxidermist that is boiling out the skull for European mount, that the back of brain cavity of skull was shattered). He didn’t even move.  Just layed his head down.

Very happy with the harvest and more importantly had a great time with good friends. We shared lots of laughs and hunting stories. I went into this hunt expecting to be presented with a long shot and I was ready for that, but my grandpa taught me to take the opportunities as they come, and it wasn’t in me to pass on the “chip shot”!


My hunting partner got a very nice 18.5″ wide 5×8 white tail later that same day. It was a “dream day” for deer hunting! Yea, there are bigger bucks out there some where, but when do both of you get an opportunity to harvest really great animals like that on day 1 and both close the deal?

My only regret of the trip is we didn’t get to spend more time with our hosts, we hunted with them one more day then headed back across the state so my hunting partner could tend to some other obligations. I am going back up next year and bringing my long guns so I can play “spotter” for them so they can extend their reach a bit.


Lightweight 6.5 SAUM

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