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GO-LIGHT “Stryker” (Remote Control Spotlight)

Posted on February 27, 2013
Go-Light spot light



I have been using a new spot-light for predator hunting/scouting my deer and elk hunting spots in the off season.  It is amazing.  It has over 360 degrees of rotation and is remote control, it has both up and down and rotational control.  I have the “Stryker” model.  It has a very focused beam and makes transitioning back to something you have “spotted” very easy.  The unit I have has the magnetic mount so it can be easily transitioned from one vehicle to another.

I have found that in addition to using it for spotting game it has another very useful function, Joe and I were out coyote hunting one evening and we ended up following and deteriorating jeep trail that just continued to get worse and as it wound down ended up taking us down off the top of a mesa into a wash (our hope was that once we dropped into the wash, we could simply follow the wash back out to civilization…..turned out some rocks the size of a school bus made that an impossibility)  after following the trail for a few hours it was now getting to be the wee hours of the morning.  We realized that as un-appealing as the idea was, our only way out was to back track the same horrible road we had just come down.  So we headed back up the way we had come.  The headlights of the truck were often pointed straight up into the night sky and the GO-LIGHT came in handy as I was able to rotate the light down to the right angle and light up the road so that Joe could make the appropriate manouvers to get us out the predicament we had found ourselves in.  (there were several times when the Toyota was tetering on two wheels and he would tap the brake to get it to drop back down on three, then four….very interesting trip!)  The light was amazing for picking the right lines to get us out, probably had we not had it we would have had to spend the night in there so we could see the road to navigate out of that goat trail we found ourselves on.

One other amazing add-on I got for mine is an Infrared lens.  It makes your GO-LIGHT into a very high power IR illuminator.  Making the visible beam of light go away and when used in conjunction with Night Vision equipment it is a very potent combination for spotting game and not spooking them off by blinding them with “white light”.  I would recommend this light to anyone who likes to enjoy the outdoors predator hunting, spotting, or just wheeling in some severe terrain.

If you are interested  in picking one up, we have an excellent local dealer here in Las Vegas.  Just give Carl a call or stop by the store, he has a lot of units in stock and can answer any questions you may have.  Really good guy to deal with and prices are very reasonable.  (these units are not cheap, but they are by far the best spotlight I have ever used…I bought one of their handheld portable units as well…AWESOME)


4510 Mitchell St
N. Las Vegas, NV 89081
Carl Pymm
Phone: (702) 643-7278
Fax: (702) 643-9438

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