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Fountain Combat (F-CAS) Holsters

Posted on April 12, 2015


There is a lot of Kydex out there being produced. Everything from homemade products by the do it yourself hobbyist to big names, commanding big prices. Some of these companies have excellent marketing, while others have great endorsements. A few of these companies have been around forever and are well established in the market. Personally most of it blends together until my team mate Bill introduced me to products from Fountain Combat.


Some people might mistakenly overlook them until you carefully read over the description. The holster and magazine combination was surprisingly affordable and the best I could tell the product quality looked the same, or in some cases better than those in a higher price range. When the G19/23/32 holster and spare magazine combination arrived I was happy with the packaging but more importantly I was impressed with the product. The fit and finish is as good as anything else I have personally seen and available at a price point that I believe most of us would be happy with. The Fountain Combat holster and spare magazine holder came in around the same price many charge for just the holster.

Once the selection was made the product was in stock and shipped promptly. I was not required to wait while it was made and I feel the quality to price ratio make this product an excellent value. I have read and heard many times that a pistol without a holster is like a rifle without sling. I have found this to be true from my experiences. When a pistol purchase is made I have gotten into the habit of also purchasing a holster. Typically I would go with some of the lower price, lesser quality holsters to get by until I could afford something better. My pistol range bag is full of different holsters I do not utilize. I have also done more shooting than I would like to admit with spare magazines wedged in my belt or stuffed in a back pocket. The outside the waistband holster features a full sweat guard, adjustable retention and 0.08” Kydex (0.06” is most common). Initially the retention was tight but it quickly settled out once I began using it. I really liked that it fit close to the body which made it easy to conceal without having to go out of my way to dress the part. The sweat guard does not interfere with indexing on the pistol during my draw stroke. My only real criticism of the holster was the belt loops were a little small for my 1 ¾” width 5.11 Tactical belt.


When introduced to Fountain Combat products I realized I no longer had to make a compromise. Fountain Combat utilizes their own proprietary method for creating their products, which allow them to offer top quality while keeping the end cost affordable to the customer. They can produce high quality product in a volume that allows them to be very competitively priced and in stock. When talking with Frank Fountain it was clear that they can meet the need for high demand. Fountain Combat can even work with other companies and offer their services to help supply their demand.


The Fountain Combat holster was not given to me. I was given the opportunity to test and evaluate their product before passing it along for someone else to do the same. I currently have a G23C and G34 that I will be ordering holster/magazine holder combos for as well as dual magazine holders. I also eagerly wait for the day that they offer a holster and magazine combo for the full size 1911 and other pistols. Currently the Fountain Combat product line covers many popular Glock pistols. The F-CAS (Fountain Combat Adaptive System) makes current and future products interchangeable. I am looking forward to future products and options for their current products.





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