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Follow Up US Optics SN-3 3.8-22x44mm ERGO

Posted on July 29, 2012
3.8-22x44mm ERGO

US Optics SN-3 3.8-22x44mm ERGO

I wanted to shed more light on features of the ERGO that are appealing to shooters like myself. Dane already mentioned in his review that the ERGO has less moving parts and less glass, giving it a durability and clarity edge. Going from scope to scope I honestly cannot tell a difference but the logic behind it makes sense to me.

One thing I found surprising is that the same reticle (CMG MOA) is actually finer in the 3.8-22x than it is in the 3.2-17x. I don’t feel it’s thick in the 3.2-17x but I do appreciate the extra magnification and finer aiming point with the 3.8-22x ERGO. During precision tactical matches paper stages are common. Having the ability to see bullet holes at 200 yards, 300 yards or even farther is an advantage. It will allow you to make adjustments mid stage and hopefully salvage some points which otherwise would be lost. Recording the information and correcting your DOPE will be useful as the match continues.

SN-3 3.8-22x44mm ERGO

US Optics SN-3 3.8-22x44mm ERGO

The parallax adjustment located on the objective is very forgiving. You can often eliminate parallax at a middle range and shoot an entire match. When ordering your scope you can pick between two different types of adjustments. The fine adjustment and the rapid adjustment, the fine adjustment requires almost one complete turn of the objective, where the rapid adjustment you can cover the same range with only a little over a quarter rotation. Dane selected the fine adjustment, he prefers to have the ability to really dial in and eliminate parallax at a median range. I like the rapid adjustment you don’t have to turn the objective as much. The rapid adjustment is also easier to work with if you use flip up scope caps.

The ERGO utilizes a different erector housing than the TPAL. You will notice it’s smaller and that the ERGO doesn’t have as many knobs. Because the housing is smaller it offers you a little more flexibility when placing when the optic in scope rings. Another advantage is it allow allows you use current Sphur mounts.

The ERGO is a great option and available in 1.8-10x, 3.2-17x and 3.8-22x variable magnification SN-3’s. You can also select the ERGO option for US Optics line of fixed power ST rifle scopes. Members of our team use both the TPAL and ERGO parallax adjustment based on their individual preferences. US Optics does a incredible job offering a multitude of configurations for precision rifle shooters.

SN-3 3.2-17x44mm TPAL

CMG MOA reticle in the 3.2-17x44mm TPAL @ 17x

US Optics SN-3's

3.2-17x44mm TPAL, 3.8-22x44mm ERGO and 5-25x58mm TPAL

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