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Follow Up SN-3 TPAL 3.2-17x44mm

Posted on March 13, 2012

Initial review

US Optics LR-17

US Optics LR-17

After my inital review of the SN-3 3.2x17x44mm T-Pal I wanted to do a follow up. I wanted to touch on it again after using the scope for a substantial amount of time. It has been about 8 months and 2,500 rounds later. My shooting has consisted of tactical precision matches here in the south west.

The US Optics SN-3 T-Pal is built like a tank. It has held up to everything I’ve put it through. I haven’t gone out of my way to try and deliberately break it, but even if I did it wouldn’t be an easy task. It has spent a lot of time getting knocked around while shooting barricades and being shoved through port holes. US Optic scopes are known for their durability, customization and features. They are an excellent choice for serious rifle shooters. They offer a large line of scopes to accommodate different needs and budgets. Their customer service and warranty is one of the best in the industry. You can buy with confidence that USO is going to stand behind their product 100%.

The scope has held zero over thousands of rounds and the turrets are repeatable and accurate. The EREK knob clicks are very positive and have been a pleasure to use, especially coming from a scope with only 10 MOA per revolution of the elevation knob. I have found that the windage knob has the same positive clicks and I really like the protective cap option.

Since this was my first, first focal plane scope I was a little worried that on maximum magnification the reticle would grow too much and cover long range targets. I’m relieved to report that’s not the case at all. When I’m @17x the CMG MOA reticle remains thin enough to provide a very precise aiming point. I really like the 1 MOA sub tensions on both vertical and horizontal lines of the reticle. They allow me to accurately hold for wind and elevation if necessary. The hash marks also vary in size giving you different references to use when range estimating. Teamed up with my MOA EREK knob and MOA windage knob I have found the combination to be fast, accurate and easy to use.

I am impressed with its clarity and light gathering abilities for being a 44mm objective. During the 2011 So Cal PRC at the West End Gun Club we did a good amount of shooting at night. They had set up lights on the targets out to 550 yards. I was easily able to find my targets and hold for wind using the reticle. The red illumination turned down low was very helpful and I liked the digital buttons. Even the internal anti cant device was still visible! The low glow of the reticle helped me ensure the rifle was level.

I have subjected the scope to varying weather conditions. Believe it or not Dane and I have been out practicing and have been caught in the rain. It also saw a fair amount of rain during So Cal PRC. Of course living in the desert it has seen the heat, sand and has been used when the mirage was so bad it looked like you were shooting under water. I have never had any issues with fogging or anything that obstructed my sight picture. The anti reflective device and sun shade do a great job combating glare and preventing “bright spots” in the sight picture. Those things can be annoying when shooting with the sun in your face. The scope has had zero issues and I have grown to trust it and be confidant with it.

The scope is no longer pristine and brand new looking. It has scuffs and scars, which I think has made it look better! It has sand in nooks and crannies giving it a weathered toughness. A look that shows it hasn’t been mounted to a safe queen but to a precision rifle used in the proper manner. The magnification ring has a nice scratch from when I broke my bolt handle. The scope continues to function despite the travel, recoil and “oh shit” moments. I have used the optic to make shots from 8 yards to 1000 yards and beyond. I’m well pass the half way mark on my second barrel and I’m looking forward to the third. I highly recommend the SN-3 line of scopes.

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