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Follow Up Short Barrel 6.5mm Rifle

Posted on July 15, 2013
I made some changes to the 16.5” 6.5mm Creedmoor. The factory Remington X-Mark Pro trigger ended up breaking in less than 100 rounds (piece of crap). I threw it away and replaced it with a Jewell HVR trigger. The trigger brake weight is set to 1 lb, the same as my 26” 6.5mm Creedmoor match rifle. The trigger is, of course a huge improvement and it has made it a lot easier to shoot sub-MOA groups with the rifle. I also changed the chassis from the McRee to the Mirage ULR prototype. I saved about 2 lbs +/- by switching chassis.


Mirage ULR prototype


The load I shot was:

123 grain Lapua Scenar
40.5 grains of Varget
Tulammo LR primer
COAL 2.83”

Estimated velocity 2,820 fps

40.5-41.0 grains of Varget shoots really well from our short barrel rifles. 41 grains is equally accurate as 40.5 but your burning extra power without any significant gains in velocity (maybe an extra 5-10fps). After zeroing the rifle and shooting a five round group (0.39 MOA) I began gathering dope using some steel targets we had set up. The ranges I shot were 475 yards, 550 yards, 640 yards and 715 yards. I was planning on gathering the dope and using that information to reverse engineer the velocity. Shortly after getting started I noticed the dope was the same as my 26” match rifle shooting 139 Laupa Scenars at 2,800 fps. Out to 715 yards the dope is the same. I wasn’t able to take it beyond 715 yards. Next time I have the chance I will set up targets out to 1000 yards and record the dope.


Short barrel 6.5mm



475 yards- 8.25 MOA
550 yards- 11 MOA
640 yards- 13.25 MOA
715 yards- 16.25 MOA

This was the second year that Bill and his brother took Dane’s short barrel rifle out to the Wyoming Tactical Rifle Challenge. The rifle has done very well for them. This year they finished in the top 10 and Bill won the ace of spades stage. He used the short barrel rifle to make the shot!

We were not able to get the rifles as light as we would have liked, I believe the only area we are going to save a significant amount of weight will be the barrel. We are using Rock Creek Remington Varmint Contours. Once I re-barrel the rifle I will consider a hunting contour barrel made to finishe at 26” and cut it down to 16.5”. I believe that will continue giving me the accuracy I want and shed more weight off the rifle.

Now that the load is sorted out and the rifle has proven itself during competition in Wyoming, Phoenix and locally I think it’s finally done! The only missing piece now is the 6.5mm Delta P. Design Brevis Suppressor. The suppressor should provide a bit of a velocity boost (maybe 10-20 fps) and make the rifle even more of a pleasure to shoot!

Short barrel 6.5mm in Mirage ULR chassis

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