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Delta P Design Brevis II suppressor

Posted on December 12, 2014


Delta P Design recently launched their new website and announced a new product line called the Brevis II. The Brevis II is the second generation of the original Brevis line of suppressors. Dane, Tyler, Janae, Aron and I were able to head out into the Southern Nevada desert to test and evaluate these products. Our background is competitive practical long range precision rifle shooting and hunting. We have always been enthralled with suppressors and many of our members utilize them. Tyler and I have been fans of Delta P Design products for a long time and have experience with the first generation 6.5mm suppressors. We went into this test and evaluation with an open mind, not really knowing what to expect.


Delta P Design .338 LM Brevis II Ultra suppressor with .338 LM round for size comparison.

We started the day with a quick education on suppression, design and materials. We learned that light weight design and light weight materials are two different things. Using light weight materials does not always mean you will end up with a light weight suppressor. We were then given the information on the new product line and got to handle the suppressors. The second generation of the Brevis suppressor (Brevis II) has no welds, no threads and no failure points. The number of pieces and parts that make up the suppressor is, one. Delta P Design has taken the compact suppressor to the next level and put everything on a diet by utilizing lightweight design! The compact, light weight and durable characteristics of the Brevis II impressed us so much we want these for our rifles! The Brevis II line is available in 5.56mm (.223), 6.5mm (.264), 7.62mm (.308) and 8.6mm (.338).

The Brevis II is constructed of Inconel, Inconel is an incredibly durable material but it’s heavy. Despite the use of Inconel, the Brevis II suppressor is lighter than what we have come to expect from many Titanium suppressors on the market! This is done on the design level allowing the Brevis II, to stay lightweight while using incredibly durable material. This design is a step forward in suppressor technology. If you demand something lighter than the Brevis II, take a look at the Brevis II Ultra. The Brevis II Ultra combines Delta P’s lightweight design with Titanium. The Brevis II Ultra is an extremely light, high performance, and durable compact suppressor. Inconel blast surfaces in the Brevis II Ultra make this light weight suppressor very tough! The Brevis II Ultra is one of the lightest center fire suppressors available on the market!

Delta P Design 6.5mm Titanium Brevis II suppressor.

Delta P Design 6.5mm Brevis II Ultra suppressor with .338 LM round for size comparison.

Shortly after starting the T&E we began beating up these products with short barrel semi-auto rifles, short barrel precision bolt action rifles and our Remington Short Action Ultra Magnums. The size makes these suppressors perfect for keeping your short barrel rifle, short! The weight of both the Brevis II and Brevis II Ultra suppressors is truly astounding, with the Titanium Brevis II Ultra being the true “feather weight”. After a day of taking photos and punishing the suppressors I noticed huge grins on Tyler, Dane and Aron’s faces. These guys are not easy to impress and when everything was packed up the smiles remained. I think that pretty much sums up how we feel about the new line of suppressors from Delta P. Design. Before heading home Tyler and I both told the guys from Delta P. that we needed the new Brevis II Ultra 6.5mm suppressor for our match and hunting rifles. We cannot wait to start using these suppressors and report back to you! Delta P Design has significantly raised the bar. We encourage you to visit Delta P Design’s web site for more information and suppressor specifications.

Visit and “like” Delta P Design on Facebook for more photos from our T&E session.

Delta P Design 5.56mm Brevis II suppressor.

Delta P Design 5.56mm Brevis II suppressor.


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