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Delta P Design 6.5mm Brevis

Posted on January 18, 2013

Delta P Design 6.5mm Brevis suppressor

The Delta P. Design 6.5mm Brevis is a top of the line suppressor that offers all the capabilities of traditional suppressors but in a significantly shorter package. This allows you to suppress the report and flash of your rifle without adding unnecessary length and weight to the end of the barrel. The 6.5mm Brevis suppressor is only 5.5” long and built tough utilizing select stainless and Inconel alloys.

In the past I have mentioned that the Brevis line of suppressors caught my attention because of the short compact design. The design allows me to suppress my long barreled competition rifle without turning it in to a lance or javelin. They are also my first choice because of my experience with the suppressor’s ability to maintain the host rifles accuracy. The 6.5mm Brevis is also full auto rated.

The suppressor is a “thread on” type and is threaded for 5/8×24 tpi (0.625”x24 tpi). This is favorable because 5/8×24 tpi is a common thread pitch for precision rifle muzzle brakes and thread protectors. I can easily remove my RAD rapid muzzle brake from the muzzle and use the Delta P. Design “Skinny” wrench to attach the Brevis suppressor.


When it comes to suppressors the most important trait to me is accuracy. Similar to when we think of scopes. Clarity isn’t the #1 trait were looking for, repeatability and durability come first. When I use a suppressor I expect it to maintain or improve my rifles accuracy. I have had some experience in the past with suppressors that were picky when shooting smaller cartridges through them. One example is shooting a 6.5mm Creedmoor through a .308 Winchester suppressor. Things can sometimes be a little hit or miss depending on the can.

I have had the opportunity to shoot groups through both the 7.62 Brevis and 6.5mm Brevis suppressors. On both occasions I was using my 6.5mm Creedmoor match rifle. The 762 Brevis and 6.5mm Brevis performed excellent on accuracy, repeatability and sound suppression. The only difference between the two was the 6.5mm suppressor had the edge in the sound suppression department.  Both suppressors were tested with our team 6.5 Creedmoor 139 Lapua Scenar load (41.6 H4350, COAL 2.82”).

When we develop loads for our rifles we do it without the suppressor. I have heard in the past if a suppressor doesn’t shoot your normal load you may have to develop a new load or adjust your load for the suppressor. Fortunately that has not been the case with Delta P. Design suppressor. It shoots our team 139 Lapua load very well. That means you only need to have one load for your rifle. You get to spend more time shooting and less time reloading.


While shooting unsuppressed my rifle is used with a RAD muzzle brake. I zero my rifle to the unsuppressed POA/POI. Using the Delta P. Design “Skinny” wrench I am able to consistently torque the can to the muzzle of the rifle. Doing this has provided me with a repeatable shift from my unsuppressed zero. Once the suppressor is attached I dial the shift and have the confidence in knowing that is where my point of impact will be. The shift isn’t very substantial either.

Using the suppressor I not only benefit from the reduced sound levels and blast but I also pick up a little bit of speed. With the can attached I have noticed my rounds will chronograph slightly faster than when I’m just running a muzzle brake. The extra speed is welcome but thankfully it isn’t enough to affect my dope.


The level of sound suppression is one of the hardest things to articulate. Of course the rifle is a lot quieter with the 6.5mm Brevis than it is without. I do not own any of the equipment needed to give dB numbers so the only thing I have to go off of is my ear.

The 6.5mm Brevis suppressor offers a lot of performance in the sound suppression arena especially considering its size. The suppressor performs excellent when using both sub sonic and supersonic ammunition. While shooting supersonic ammunition I was comfortable not wearing hearing protection.  I believe the performance gained using a 6.5mm (0.264”) suppressor verses a .308” suppressor is noticeable. For someone like me who mainly shoots a 6.5mm cartridge it works out very favorably. I can use the suppressor on my 6.5mm match rifle. It will also work on 6mm rounds and 5.56mm rounds. When using sub-sonic ammunition the rifle becomes extremely quiet. Some of the most distinguishing sounds at that point come from working the bolt.

Delta P. Design

Top left was my 5 round group, Top right was D.Miller and the bottom was shot by Byron from Delta P. Designs

I have fairly little experience with suppressors and haven’t had the time or resources to compare multiple suppressors of this class back to back. From the experiences I can draw on the Brevis line of suppressors has impressed me. The compact design is very appealing and useful. The suppressor’s ability to maintain the rifles accuracy is very pleasing. The repeatability makes the suppressor practical to use. Once it is attached and shift accounted for you are ready to shoot. All of these traits come together to make an excellent product that will augment your rifle. I am looking forward to continuing with the 6.5mm Brevis suppressor.

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