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Custom Laser Engraving with Art At Arms

Posted on March 18, 2015

I recently came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea for a project that I wanted done. Now let me just say that I’m not exactly one of the “moto” over-the-top Marine Corps veterans that plasters his/her car in “Semper Fi” stickers, my former rank, or “Her Flip-Flops, His Boots, Perfect Pair” stickers (yes that’s a real thing…). Nothing wrong with that, just not my style. That being said, I’m still proud of what I have done, and thought getting a small EGA (Eagle Globe & Anchor) engraved on my rifle would be subtle enough to not be obnoxious. So, I wanted to see if I could get an EGA engraved on the back of the cocking piece on my bolts. I wasn’t sure if this was even feasible due to the very small amount of space that there is to work with. Approximately .396” of space, to put it into a tangible number. As I stated earlier, I wanted it to be subtle, but still be able to make out what it actually is.

Painstaking Alignment

Enter Art At Arms, a custom laser engraving shop located in South Jordan, Utah. I took my idea to Matt (the owner) and he immediately set to work on seeing if we could achieve this. Obviously, you can’t have mistakes when dealing with lasers that can remove layers of metal. He carefully measured the surface, and then shrunk down the image he had on his computer to see if it would work. Rather than just try it out on my bolt as a first trial, even though he was confident it could work, he used a piece of discarded metal that was available to test the engraving first to see what the finished product would look like. I greatly appreciated this, since these two bolts that I had were to high-end rifles from Kelbly’s that I certainly didn’t want messed up in any way. Upon seeing the result of the trial engraving, it immediately put my mind at ease on whether or not the small EGA engraving would turn out okay.


The Finished Product!

It was interesting to watch Matt go about getting everything dialed and set just so. It made it obvious to me that this wasn’t exactly his first time. After being satisfied that everything was where it should be, he fired up the laser. Watching these things work never ceases to amaze me. The speed and precision at which they cut is incredible. If you look closely, it was even able to make the lines on the rope and feathering on the eagle, despite it’s miniature size.

I was ecstatic over the results, which is saying something because I don’t get this excited over many things. After seeing what is possible (basically anything), it really opens the imagination to what I could possibly get engraved! I am definitely going to be coming back to Art At Arms with future projects. For any of you out there that need SBR lowers engraved, he does that as well, and to the proper depth. Matt’s shop is co-located with the Gun Vault, so he can also legally receive firearms through the mail as well. Check out some of his work on his Instagram, Facebook page, or website!

Art At Arms Instagram

Art At Arms Facebook

Art At Arms Website

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