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AZ PRC match 4/17

Posted on May 19, 2011


The match at Gunsite started with a 430 am wake-up call and a 2 hour drive to their world class facility.  Once there they started the sign in, safety and target layout briefing promptly.  Good note taking is a must for this match as all the target ranges and locations were given only during the briefing.  The majority of the targets are camouflaged or partially hidden in trees or brush so just finding the targets could be more challenging than hitting them.  From the sign in location they transport you about a mile to range. There is no going back to your vehicle once at the firing position so pack everything you need but nothing more than you want to carry with you for the duration of the match.

Once on the firing line we split off with our squad to designated stage.  There were 4 stages that consisted of ten rounds at each of five targets.   Each shooter had 5 min to complete each stage which sounds like ton of time for ten shots but it goes fast when you’re trying to find camouflaged targets.  After your first shot at a target you only had 5 seconds for a follow up shot so you better not lose the target in your sight picture.

Two stages were prone supported and two were a barricade with a twist.  You couldn’t touch the barricade with your rifle and you had to keep your muzzle behind the barricade at all times.  Like traditional barricade stages you have to move to a different level after each target but you had to support your rifle either by tripod, shooting sticks, range bag or just sling up and go for it, but no touching the barricade.

Over all it was a great weekend with some of the best and nicest shooters in the south west region.  I’m looking forward to future matches and making the trip as a team to AZ.

Special thanks to Tim and Regina of Team USO AZ, you guys are the best!

~Dane M.

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