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American Defense MFG. AD Recon mount

Posted on June 23, 2014



I’m pretty new to AR optics. I have read about them plenty and even had the opportunity to try many of them, but I have not spent a lot of time with AR carbines and optics until recently. I did have some experience with the Vortex Strike Fire red dot sight years back, but I would not say I had put it through serious use. I recently turned my eye to semi auto gas guns and built a rifle using billet aluminum AR-15 upper and lower receiver products from New Frontier Armory in North Las Vegas. I even selected a US Optics SR-6S with JNG MIL reticle as my optic. Okay, so far pretty easy.

Mounting the US Optics SR-6S to my non-reciprocating side charge upper was new territory for me. Typically when mounting optics I am putting a high magnification scope on a bolt action rifle. The biggest concern is the diameter of the rings you are using and the ring height. You want your rings high enough so that the scopes objective clears the barrel or stock, but you do not want it mounted too unnecessarily high. Mounting low magnification AR optics is a little different.

AD Recon FDE

AD Recon FDE and USO SR-6S

Most folks attach their AR optic using a ”mount” that has the proper height over bore built into it. A mount offers different advantages, and with the addition of quick detachable throw levers you have an added measure of flexibility/modularity. For my US Optics SR-6S I went with the American Defense Manufacturing AD Recon FDE mount. The AD Recon mount incorporates forward extension allowing you to achieve the proper eye relief. The mount features self indexing, locking detachable levers. You can even select an additional feature and go with the “tactical levers” which incorporate an additional tab to aid in articulation.

I found the fit and finish of the AD Recon FDE mount to be excellent. I also noticed the mount is fairly light but I did not get the impression rigidity or strength was compromised. I liked the index marks on the ring halves and the “guides” at the bottom to help with putting it together. Now with my SR-6S in the AD Recon FDE mount I proceeded to torque everything down. Included with the mount are detailed mounting instructions, the proper Allen key for the fasteners and a small package of thread lock.

AD Recon FDE with tactical levers

With the optic secure and level, I proceeded to secure the mount to my rifle. Since I am running a billet side charge upper I thought the “tactical levers” were going to interfere. I was almost ready to tool up the levers in the mill and trim them when Adam at ADM reminded me I could reverse them. That allowed me to utilize both my side charge upper and the tactical levers without any modifications (MIL SPEC uppers will have zero issues with either lever option).

When I first locked the mount on to the rifle I noticed I wanted a little bit of added tension. I was able to do this without any tools. I unlocked the lever and turned it all the way out (until it was facing the opposing direction), then I pushed in. That pushes the nut on the other side away from the mount body. With access to the nut I just turned it one additional position to achieve the tension I wanted.

The cost of some mounts can be pretty crazy. After looking on the American Defense MFG. website I was pleasantly surprised by the MSRP of the products I was interested in. I personally feel ADM products offer a great value and I am very happy with my decision. You get a quality mount with useful features at a very competitive price. Check back with us for more information on other ADM products and a follow up review on my AD Recon FDE. If you are interested in seeing ADM products first hand, head into New Frontier Armory. They have a selection of products available in the store!

For more information on the US Optics SR-6S click here

New Frontier Armory AR-15 with American Defense MFG. AD Recon mount and US Optics SR-6S

My AR-15 carbine with ADM mount and USO glass

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