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Alpha Industries & Manufacturing

Posted on May 18, 2011

Alpha Industries & Manufacturing Type-1 magazine

Alpha Industries & Manufacturing started producing high quality magazines for various precision rifle platforms in 2008.  These magazines are an excellent alternative to the very costly ones currently on the market.  The magazines are well made and function perfectly with a myriad of aftermarket detachable magazines systems as well as many different rifle chassis systems.  Alpha Industries & Manufacturingproducts are made in the USA with direct input from military, law enforcement and competitive shooters.  Their commitment to producing the highest quality magazines and close ties with their end users ensures that Alpha Industries will remain an industry leader.

We have been using Alpha Industry magazines since the first generation “MORTA” magazine was available.  We have found the magazines to be reliable, durable and most of all a very reasonable alternative to AI magazines.  Chris at Alpha Industries & Manufacturing hasn’t rested on his laurels, since the release of the MORTA magazine he has continued to refine the design until it was incredibly reliable with all AICS compatible magazine bottom-metal and chassis systems.  He is even expanding his line to include .338, .408 and WSM magazines.

Our AI&M type-1 magazines have functioned perfectly with Badger Ordnance M5 bottom metal, CDI FN SPR bottom metal, Accuracy International chassis systems as well as the J.P. Enterprises chassis system.  We were very excited about that because it allows us all to use standardized magazines for the team’s precision rifles and we can interchange magazines between shooters.  We have been making moves to standardize our cartridges and magazines where possible and logistically this is a blessing because we don’t have to keep certain magazines with certain rifles and if one member forgets a magazine we can easily pass him one of ours.

Our experience with other magazines has been somewhat frustrating. We may have a magazine that works great in the Badger Ordnance bottom metal but constantly fails to feed with the AI chassis system, and we have had cases where a magazine works great in the AICS but not the JP Chassis.  Over time we have developed our own stashes of magazines for each particular rifle.  Switching over to the latest generation AI&M magazines has been nice because they function perfectly with every system we use!  We don’t have to mark the magazine with which rifle it works best in; They work perfectly in all of them!


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