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Aimpoint Micro T-1 With Larue Quick-Detach Mount

Posted on July 24, 2013

After I purchased my AR-15, I then quickly shifted focus to which optic I would be running. I already determined that this rifle would be used for more close-quarters work so I was primarily looking at the Aimpoint, Trijicon SRS and EOTech lines. I eventually decided on the Aimpoint Micro T-1 based on its overall size, battery life and durability. The place I purchased it from also included the Larue Quick-Detach mount for it, which is a huge plus due to its return-to-zero capability.

Aimpoint Micro

Aimpoint Micro T-1 w/ lens covers

It features 12 different brightness settings (4 night vision compatible and 8 daylight settings) and 1 “off” setting. There is a detent for each number to click into which I like a lot: it’s not too stiff that it requires a lot of effort to turn, but it just gives you some physical assurance that you’re switching through the different brightness settings.  I usually find that setting 9 or 10 is enough for daytime operations for my eyes. Setting 12 is like looking into a tiny, red sun…but I suppose it’s nice to know that if you need it, it’s there! According to Aimpoint, the battery life is over 50,000 hours at setting 8, which is impressive to say the least. It utilizes the CR2032 3V Lithium battery, which helps keep the size and weight of the optic down. Another thing to note is that the optic is water proof–rated to a depth of 25 meters, which is deeper than I ever plan on swimming with a rifle. Not that I really plan on swimming with my rifle at all, but it’s nice to know that the Aimpoint Micro T-1 has your back.

Aimpoint Micro

Adjustments w/ cap and illumination knob

You can choose between either 4 MOA dot, or 2 MOA dot versions, whichever suits you best. I went with the 4 MOA dot and feel that it does not hinder me in any way. It’s easy to pick up and acquire in close quarters situations and I was still able to get reliable hits when shooting at a 10”x17” steel target at 400 yards while holding over. It’s more than adequate for human sized targets. The two nubs on the adjustment caps are utilized for making the adjustments as they fit in the two holes in the adjustment screw. The adjustments are ½ MOA per click, which is perfect for this type of optic.

Aimpoint Micro

Sight picture

As I stated earlier, my Micro T1 came with a Larue Quick-Detach mount. I opted for the 1/3 co-witness to keep my sight picture obstructed the least amount, while still being able to engage with my iron sights sighting through the bottom of the optic if needed. The great thing about these quick-detach mounts is that they are able to return to zero between taking them off and on. I decided to test this by firing one, 10-round group to set the baseline and then commenced a sequence of firing 1 shot, taking the optic off and remounting it and taking another shot for 10 shots to see how it held up to its claim that it returns to zero. I was pleased with the results. As a disclaimer, this rifle wasn’t zeroed for the ammunition I shot (random 55 grain FMJ reloads) nor was it match ammunition. I didn’t care much about the accuracy, just the overall location of the groups. I will admit though, on the 1 shot and remove target I pulled one shot low and left and it shows where I called it, so just keep that in mind. One thing that you should remember to do when remounting your quick-detach mount, or any rings for that matter, is to slide the mount/rings forward on the rail before you tighten/lock it down. That way you give it no chance of sliding during recoil, thus theoretically removing another variable to your shooting.

Overall, I am pleased with my decision to run the Aimpoint Micro T-1 on my AR and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a red dot sight. It has served me well for the 7 months or so that I have owned it and am positive that it will continue to serve me for many years to come.

Aimpoint Micro

1 round and remove optic test for 10 rounds

Aimpoint Micro

10 round baseline group (did not remove optic)

Aimpoint Micro

Firing Point

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