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5.11 Tactical Rush Tier Rifle Sleeve

Posted on August 19, 2014

5.11 Tier Rifle Sleeve

I have been using the 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 backpack for a long time. I have used the backpack for everything from shooting practical LR precision rifle matches to camping deep in the Ruby Mountains. The bag has not only carried my stuff, but served as a front shooting rest on countless occasions. I cannot tell you how many miles the bag has ridden in the back of a truck with steel targets, stands and all kinds of other equipment. When rolling down a trail or dirt road in the desert things get bounced around. The 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 is holding up like a champ. I recently discovered more options for the Rush 24 to increase its versatility. The 5.11 Tactical Rush Tier Rifle Sleeve make the Rush series of bags even more utilitarian!

Rush Tier Rifle Sleeve attached to my Rush 24 backpack

I wish I would have gotten the 5.11 Rush Tier Rifle Sleeve a long time ago. The Rifle Sleeve is a great way to pack your AR carbine or other light long gun when hiking, scouting or camping. You can easily orient the long gun muzzle up or muzzle down. I have found packing my rifle muzzle up works best for me. One reason I really like this system for scouting is because you can keep things relatively light and when making your way through thick brush and growth your long gun is not getting pulled through all that stuff. The vertical orientation of the long gun keeps it out of the brush and grease wood. My rifle oriented muzzle up it also makes it easier to take a breather and sit down with the backpack still on.

I see the Rifle Sleeve as a two part system, the first is the sleeve it’s self. The second is the Tier System attachments used to secure the sleeve to the bag. The sleeve is made from heavy duty Nylon and wraps around the receiver of your long gun. This helps keep debris off the gun and the sleeve’s padding protects any optics you may be using. My AR carbine is equipped with a US Optics SR-6S and I appreciate the added protection when hiking around and transporting the rifle in a vehicle. Inside the sleeve are two nylon straps with buckles that secure the rifle to the sleeve. These straps can be adjusted to accommodate many types of long guns. When the gun is secured you can wrap the sleeve over and attach the Velcro ends. The outside of the sleeve has two strips of loops, using the 5.11 Tier System straps (4 Tier System straps are included with your 5.11 Rifle Sleeve) you then secure the Rifle Sleeve to the outside of your Rush backpack. The Tier System straps also allow you to attach other auxiliary packs to your bag like, first aid and extra storage compartments. When I’m not using the Rifle Sleeve I keep the Tier System straps and connectors attached to my Rush backpack. This makes it very quick and easy to reattach the sleeve. You can also remove the long gun from the sleeve without detaching the sleeve from your Rush backpack.

The 5.11 Tactical Rifle Sleeve and Tier System are a neat way to increase the capabilities of your Rush backpack. The system not only gives you the option to attach your rifle but also other auxiliary bags that can be configured depending on what you are out doing, and what you need to bring with you. I have also had luck using the Tier System straps to secure things like sleeping bags and tents to my bag. That is a very neat when all the stuff you will need in the wilderness has to be strapped to your back! I really like the 5.11 Rifle Sleeve and Tier System, my only reservation is how heavy of a rifle you can put in the sleeve. The system does great with lighter rifles, especially hunting rifles and AR-15’s. If you are looking to increase the capabilities of the Rush backpack you already own, then the 5.11 Tactical Rush Tier Rifle Sleeve is worth a serious look.

Tier System attachments secure the Sleeve to my Rush backpack

Rifle secured to the sleeve with two attachments

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