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2016 VPRC Event Registration Instructions

Posted on September 18, 2015


2016 Event Registration Instructions. Mark your calendar

Sin City Precision is holding registration for the 2016 Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge presented by Kelbly Rifles on September 30th. We are excited to elevate the shoot this year. We will have the same quality shooting event but with more emphasis on socializing as a group of shooters when we are not on the range. This includes a party on Saturday night, and a catered awards ceremony on Sunday. All of these things will take place at a location TBA. The cost of sign up this year will be $275.

If you are interested in shooting this event, which will take place the weekend before SHOT Show January 15-17, 2016 please send an email to We will accept registration emails from 6-7 PM Pacific Time on 09/30/15. No applications shall be accepted after 7 PM. Please understand that applications to last years event far exceeded the number of shooters we could accept. As previously stated, this year is Range Officer appreciation. If you RO’ed one of our previous events, you are in. Strong consideration will be given to people who have RO’ed in other PRS level events in 2015. We also have a limited number of spots as a courtesy to our Gold Sponsors. Please email the following information, which we will use to make the selections.

State of residence:
Are you a PRS member?
Have you RO’ed a PRS event in 2015?
If so, which one?
Are you Military/LE?
Do you have any quality jokes or entertaining anecdotes?

Now for a word of caution, If you are easily offended, lack a sense of humor, or are otherwise an A-hole, please stop reading and don’t bother signing up for our event. Also know that we have a couple simple rules to follow. These rules are applicable to the 2016 VPRC, but if you so choose to integrate them into your life in general, they will serve you well!

Rule #1 Bitches be crazy! This is not meant as a derogatory term toward women. We have seen plenty of men who are both bitches and crazy.

Rule #2 “Do not be a bitch” We typically say this in a Russian accent. Not sure why, just makes it funnier. The point is, if you get sniffy, crabby, grumpy or are about to throw a fit, please remember rule #2.

Rule #3 Cardio, we like movement stages. Please know that some stages will be physical stressors. So long as you know this you can be prepared and not place yourself in jeopardy of violating Rule #2.

Rule #4 Do not piss off the RO’s. We are all volunteers. We are all competent shooters and are giving up our weekends to ensure you have a great one! So please treat the VPRC RO’s well, and the shooting gods may rein peace and love down upon you. Even better than that, we will remember and be excited to host you in a future event!

Thank you very much for the interest,

Sin City Precision


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