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2016 Vegas Precision Rife Challenge


Premier 2016 Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge sponsor

The Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge is a premier practical long range rifle match in Las Vegas, Nevada and has participated in the Precision Rifle Series the last three years. The match is hosted by Sin City Precision, a Las Vegas based long range rifle shooting club. For the second year the event has taken place the weekend before SHOT Show. SHOT Show (Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show) is the largest convention of its kind and is held at the Sands Expo Center on the Vegas Strip. The convention draws attendees from all over the world.

Sin City Precision members are all active long range rifle shooters, with many that are also avid hunters and competitors. The event is modeled after the type of match we would want to shoot. We dedicate ourselves to putting on a safe, challenging and enjoyable event for all who participate. We also go the extra mile to represent the event sponsors who exhibit incredible generosity and play a large role in making the match possible.

For the second year in a row, Kelbly Rifles has been the Premier Sponsor of the Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge. Their contribution to the VPRC is a huge benefit. The support this event receives from all the sponsors is a display of the industries commitment to the long range shooting sports.


Premier Sponsor


We are incredibly proud and excited to have Kelbly’s Inc. as the Premier Sponsor of our 2016 Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge! The folks at Kelbly’s were a huge part of making our 2015 event the success that it was. We will be working hard to continue to raise the bar and look forward to hosting many great shooters from across the country in January 2016!

Gold Sponsors


We are very happy to announce Mile High Shooting Accessories is a Gold Sponsor of the 2016 Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge presented by Kelbly’s Inc. Having this kind of support from MHSA is a huge confidence booster for us! Mile High Shooting is a one stop shop for the long range rifle shooter, career law enforcement officer or firearm enthusiast. They offer everything from gunsmithing services/custom rifle builds to the best gear and ammunition. They are located in Erie, Colorado and are a huge supporter of matches and events all over the country.


Contingency X is the Media Sponsor for the 2016 Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge presented by Kelbly’s Inc. We had a great time with them on the range last year and look forward to their team capturing all of the action during the VPRC in 2016. Contingency X was also the Official Media Sponsor for the 2015 Precision Rifle Series Finale in Southern California and provides marketing and media services to the firearm and outdoor industries.


U.S. Optics​ is a Gold Sponsor of the 2016 Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge presented by Kelbly Rifles! Our club has had a long relationship with US Optics and we are very thankful for their support and generosity. US Optics was founded in January 1, 1990 and for 25 years they have been producing top tier optics for military, law enforcement and civilian use. Located in Brea, California their products are produced in the United States and their facility is a relatively short drive from Las Vegas, Nevada. US Optics support of the practical long range precision rifle sports is greatly appreciated by all who participate and it is common to see products like their LR-17 or ER-25 on the firing line.


J. Allen Enterprises is a Gold Sponsor of the 2016 Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge presented by Kelbly Rifles! J. Allen Enterprises is located in Yorba Linda, California USA and builds chassis systems for the M1A/M14 and Remington 700. Their chassis system is unique in appearance and offers a wide range of adjustability, including an adjustable magazine well to optimize feeding from AICS magazines. J. Allen Enterprises has a number of sponsored shooters and supports different practical long-range rifles matches throughout the country. We are excited to have them as a part of our event and look forward to seeing their products close up.


We are very pleased to announce Magpul CORE as a Gold Sponsor of the 2016 Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge presented by Kelbly Rifles. Magpul CORE (formerly known as Magpul Dynamics) is the firearm training division of Magpul. Magpul CORE offers a full spectrum of training with courses available all over the United States, including long range precision rifle. Magpul CORE is headed up by Caylen Wojcik.


Vortex Optics is a Gold Sponsor of the 2016 Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge presented by Kelbly Rifles. Vortex has a large line of products to suit your needs, whether you are shooting in a practical long range rifle match, scouting before big game season or calling in predators. Vortex Optics has a product perfect for the job. Recently, Vortex has dominated practical long range rifle shooting in the Precision Rifle Series with the 4.5-27x56mm Razor HD Gen II. Here in Las Vegas, Nevada it has become the most widely used rifle scope in our local matches and is a popular choice among Sin City Precision members. We are very appreciative of their continued support of our event.

Bergara new locatis touch

We are proud to announce that Bergara Rifles is a Gold Sponsor of the 2016 Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge presented by Kelbly’s. Bergara Rifles is located in Duluth, GA and produces an extensive line of rifles for everyone from seasoned hunters to hard core practical long range competitors. They also produce some of the highest quality barrels available, and are utilized by many of the industry’s top manufacturers.

rob13662-1-2 copy

Very excited to have Special Purpose Rifles as a Gold sponsor of the 2016 VPRC. Special Purpose Rifles is owned by Black Rifle Works, LLC and located it Salt Lake City, Utah. They specialize in Long Range Precision Rifles and AR Type Rifles. They also carry optics, suppressors and other auxiliary gear for the practical long range shooter.


We are happy to announce that Burris Optics is a Gold Sponsor of the 2016 Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge presented by Kelbly Rifles. Burris Optics has a wide selection of products to meet your needs and feature a “Forever Warranty”. Located in Greeley, Colorado and was founded in 1971, Burris has caught the eye of many long range shooters with the XTR II line of scopes. The XTR II is a full feature optic available with the SCR reticle and comes in at a very reasonable price range. We feel the XTR II is worth consideration and are very thankful for their support of our event.

Silver Sponsors


XLR Industries is a Sliver Sponsor of the 2016 Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge presented by Kelbly Rifles! This is the second year they have supported this event. XLR is no stranger on the firing line of a practical long range rifle match. Their modular chassis were built from a shooters perspective because the guys behind XLR Industries are shooters themselves. XLR Industries offers many different foot prints to accommodate a wide variety of rifles allowing Military, Law Enforcement and civilian shooters to optimize their long range precision rifle to meet their needs.


We welcome Spartan Precision Rifles as a Silver Sponsor of the 2016 Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge presented by Kelbly’s Inc.! Spartan Precision Rifles is located in San Jose, California and is one of the premier custom rifle builders in the United States. Spartan Precision Rifles offers a wide range of services to suit your needs, and has recently introduced a new line of beautiful hunting rifles. Many of his rifles are fielded by members of Nor Cal Practical Precision Rifle Club and shooters competing in the Precision Rifle Series.


Bronze Sponsors

defiance (2)

Defiance is the first choice among gun builders seeking to build the most accurate rifle possible. Our unique manufacturing process results in close tolerances unparalleled in the firearms industry. Whether you’re shooting tactical, long range, hunting, or competition—Defiance custom bolt actions will give you that edge.


No-Name Tactical out of Utah makes light weight combination shooting bags available in different colors and patterns. You can also select custom options to cater the product to your needs.


Huber Concepts is best known in the long range shooting community for their excellent triggers. Huber Concepts is located in Fond du Lac, WI and offers a multitude of products for rifle shooters, but most notably an excellent two stage trigger for the Remington 700.

Contributing Sponsors

We want to give special thanks to ARCLITE Optics, Curtis Winner and Joe Ducos for their contributions to this event!

X Steel Targets


















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LV Steel Targets LLC

2016 Vegas Precision Rifle Challenge Results 


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