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2015 Kahles K624i HPS Optic

Posted on June 19, 2015

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Official Kahles Distributor_Logo_new (1) I recently received my Kahles K624i (pronounced “Kah-les”) from HPS Optic. I have been very excited to get this scope mounted in my Spuhr mount from Mile High Shooting and begin using it. HPS Optic is the exclusive importer and distributor for Kahles products in the United States. My first experience with Kahles optics comes from an old ZF 95 that came with a Steyr SSG-69 I had purchased. I had very little interest in the rifle scope at the time because it was not the best for the type of shooting I participate in. I do recall however that the glass quality was excellent and I was always impressed by the clarity. Looking back I wish I would have kept the scope. In 2012 Kahles entered the US market with their competition, hunting and other optical products. I was immediately interested in what they have to offer, and admittedly suffer from an optics fetish. I have always been impressed with optical products from European brands. The competition, “K” line encompassed all of the features I was accustom to utilizing and possessed a unique parallax knob that set them apart from other rifle scope makers.

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The K624i I purchased is a 2015 model with SKMR reticle. What sets the 2015 model apart from the previous years is the updated knurling on the turrets and increased light transmission with a new optical design (95.2% achieved by using fewer lenses). They also boast the highest resolution, contrast and have removed any “tunneling” as you dial through the magnification range. This allows Kahles products to have an impressive field of view and is excellent when utilized for hunting and practical long range competition. The internal mechanical design ensures the scope will function reliably and repeatedly. Also new for 2015 is the addition of an MOA/MOA version of the K624i with MOAK reticle to accompany the MRAD versions. The New Year also brought the addition of two new reticles, the SKMR and SKMR 2. Both are MRAD based reticles featuring 0.2 MRAD subtensions on the horizontal stadia line. You now also have the option to place the windage knob on the left hand side of the scope if you wish!

photo 3

SKMR reticle (click photo to see full size image)

The K624i is what I consider a full feature “flagship” optic for the practical long range shooter and long range hunter. The rifle scope is 6-24x magnification and has the MRAD based SKMR reticle on the first focal plane (FFP). The elevation and windage turrets adjust in 0.1 MRAD increments. The elevation turret is equipped with a second rotation indicator and zero stop that is very easy to use. The windage knob features a rotation stop to keep you from ending up one rotation off. I plan to get into both the zero stop and windage rotation stop features during the update to this introduction after I have had ample time to run the scope. The illuminated reticle is controlled by a knob on the left hand side and the parallax adjustment is located on the top of the erector housing just below the elevation turret. This is a patented feature unique to Kahles. The K624i is also light for a scope in its class, it weighs in at 2.09 lbs! This is another attribute that makes it an excellent option for competition, hunting and Mil/LE use.


Photo by Eric Hsueh (click image to see full size)

I have had the opportunity to speak with Jeff Huber of HPS Optic and he was kind enough to go over many of the features on the K624i with me. Kahles is by no mean the new kid on the block. They have a long history of creating and manufacturing excellent products. Their innovation and state of the art manufacturing facility enables them to deliver top tier products that live up to the expectations when you purchase a Kahles optic. If you are interested in Kahles products or would like to inquire about becoming a dealer contact HPS Optic, LLC 9190 Lower Fords Creed Road Orofino, Idaho 83544 (208) 435-4515 or toll free 1 (866) 606-8779. You can also keep up to date with HPS Optic/Kahles Distributor by giving them a “like” on their Facebook page.


Photo by Eric Hsueh


Photo by Eric Hsueh


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